Vatican’s Transgender Guidance “Very, Very Positive” Step, Say Irish Priests

An Irish organization of Catholic priests has responded positively to the Vatican’s recent guidance about transgender people and the sacraments, with the priests group describing the guidance as a “very, very positive” step. Read More

Irish Catholic Education Association Objects to Transgender Education in Schools

An organization representing Catholic primary schools in Ireland recently spoke out against teaching students about transgender identities, claiming that it would “add to a growing psychological contagion amongst young and vulnerable children." Read More

Irish Reform Groups Call for Vatican to End Suspension of Fr. Tony Flannery

Two Catholic reform groups in Ireland are advocating for a well-known Redemptorist priest there to be restored to ministry after more than ten years of suspension. Read More

Bishop Rebukes Priest Who Criticized “Lunatic Approach to Transgenderism” in Homily

A bishop in Ireland has banned from ministry a priest who made anti-LGBTQ+ comments during a homily. Read More

Irish Priests’ Association Endorses National Conversion Therapy Ban

The Association of Catholic Priests in Ireland (ACP) is supporting conversion therapy ban and calling  for additional research on these “ineffective and harmful” practices, all as part of a national inquiry about the topic. Read More

Irish Synod Report: LGBTQ+ Inclusion Is “The Call of the Holy Spirit”

Today, Bondings 2.0 features the Irish bishops’ synthesis as one of the strongest calls for LGBTQ+ inclusion during the synodal process so far. Read More

Irish Bishops Approve LGBTQ-Negative Sex Education Program; And Other News

Today's post includes stories about the Irish church's new sex education program, one Jesuit's review of "The Power of the Dog," and more. Read More

Former Irish President Says Churches Are “Conduits for Homophobia”

The former president of Ireland has said that churches in that country, including the Catholic one, are "conduits for homophobia." Read More

Ten Years Later, Will LGBTQ Advocate Fr. Tony Flannery Receive Justice at the Vatican?

After ten years of being silenced by the Vatican, due in part for his support of marriage equality, Ireland’s Fr. Tony Flannery is calling for an independent review of the Vatican’s ruling. Read More

Irish Archbishops Encourage LGBTQ Outreach Amid Major Decline in Church Life

Two archbishop in Ireland have emphasized the need to include LGBTQ people in the church's outreach efforts, comments made in the face of declining enrollment and participation among Irish Catholics. Read More