LGBTQ+ German Church Workers Write to Pope Francis Seeking Reforms to Catechism

LGBTQ+ church workers in Germany who wrote to Pope Francis proposing evolutions in church teaching have now released their letter publicly after receiving no response. Read More

Pope Francis Must “Embrace Conversion” for Full LGBTQ+ Equality, Writes Gay Catholic

In a piece for the National Catholic Reporter, a young gay Catholic has argued that although LGBTQ+ Catholics have received support from Pope Francis, the pontiff must be more radical to heal this harmed community. Read More

Sr. Jeannine Gramick: Church Teaching on LGBTQ+ Issues Will “Inevitably Change”

Sr. Jeannine Gramick, SL, co-founder of New Ways Ministry, has penned an essay reflecting on Pope Francis’ call for the decriminalization of homosexuality and her vision for the future of the church. Read More

Three More Bishops Seek Change in Church Teachings on Homosexuality

Three more bishops have expressed a desire for the church to reconsider the language of disorder in church teachings on homosexuality. Read More

In Anniversary Interviews, Pope Francis Recalls “Three Things” He Said about LGBTQ+ Issues

A number of interviews with Pope Francis were published this month as the church marked the tenth anniversary of his election, and in several the pope picked up on LGBTQ+ issues within the context of his papacy. Read More

French Archbishop: Pope Francis Is on the Side of LGB People and Their Families

Archbishop Hervé Giraud of Sens-Auxerre in France has offered an appraisal of Francis' approach to homosexuality. Read More

Top Bishop Reiterates Need to End Anti-LGBTQ+ Criminalization in Guyana

Pope Francis’ recent call to end the criminalization of LGBTQ+ people has been echoed by Guyana’s most senior cleric. Read More

Cardinal McElroy Calls Anti-LGBTQ+ Spirit a “Demonic Mystery” in Call for Inclusion

The church needs to embark on a journey of radical inclusion, wrote a top U.S. church leader in a new essay that suggests the "profound and visceral animus" towards LGBTQ+ people in the church is a "demonic mystery of the human soul." Read More

U.S. Cardinal Calls for Removal of “Intrinsically Disordered” from Catechism

A U.S. cardinal has called for the language of "intrinsically disordered" to be removed from the catechism, following the publication of an article in which he sought a better, wider welcome for LGBTQ+ people in the church. Read More

New Books from Pope Francis, Benedict XVI Highlight Contrast on Homosexuality

Statements about gay people appear in two new books, one by Pope Francis and one by Benedict XVI, the deceased pope emeritus, predictably falling along the positive and negative approaches expected of each prelate. Read More