Pope Francis Refers to “Gender Ideology” as the “Worst Danger” Today

Continuing the dissonance between his words on gender and actions, Pope Francis has condemned "gender ideology" as an "ugly ideology of our time." What are LGBTQ+ Catholics and allies to make of this persistent dissonance? Read More

Church Must Be Patient, Serve Lovingly As Understandings of Gender Develop

“God made male and female, yes. But God made day and night, too, as well as dawn and dusk,” writes Nathan Schneider in a recent America article pushing back against Catholic denunciations of so-called “gender ideology.” Read More

Church Teaching Needs to Acknowledge Gender Is Not a Binary, Writes Catholic Journalist

In the National Catholic Reporter, Rebecca Bratten Weiss explores the way that claims of "gender ideology" by Pope Francis and other church leaders fail to reflect gender realities in nature in favor of the church's doctrinal claims. Read More

In Anniversary Interviews, Pope Francis Recalls “Three Things” He Said about LGBTQ+ Issues

A number of interviews with Pope Francis were published this month as the church marked the tenth anniversary of his election, and in several the pope picked up on LGBTQ+ issues within the context of his papacy. Read More

Fr. Dan Horan Criticizes Two U.S. Bishops for Taking Anti-Transgender Actions

Responding to two bishops' transphobic statements, a popular Franciscan theologian has called for the church to listen to transgender persons rather than using abstractions to dehumanize the trans community. Read More

Pope Francis Affirms Need for Lesbian/Gay Pastoral Care, Criticizes “Gender Ideology”

In an interview released yesterday, Pope Francis has affirmed the need for pastoral care benefitting lesbian and gay people, but again attacked "gender ideology. Read More

Diocese Instructs Catholics to Ignore Transgender People’s Names and Pronouns

A bishop in Virginia has released a new document on gender identity issues that, among other problematic issues, demands Catholics not use transgender people's correct names and pronouns. Read More

Caribbean Archbishop Offers Partial Defense of Pride Month as a Social Justice Issue

The archbishop of a Caribbean nation has called gender ideology “diabolical” because, he says, it goes against the “understanding of the human person." At the same time, he acknowledged the need to stop discrimination against LGBTQ people, especially in the Caribbean.  Read More

Cuban Bishops Object to New Sex Ed Curriculum Over Concerns of “Gender Ideology”

The Catholic bishops of Cuba have issued a statement criticizing the proposed inclusion of what they call “gender ideology” in the national Cuban school curriculum. Read More

Polish Bishop Claims LGBTQ Movement Is “Most Serious Threat to Humanity,” But Scholars Are Pushing Back

A Polish bishop claimed in a homily that the LGBTQ movement is "the most serious threat to humanity," escalating tensions in that country between advocates for equality and the nation's episcopate, who have continued to receive criticism. Read More