In Italy, Gay Priests Come Out via Letter Decrying Homophobia in the Church; And More News

When Bondings 2.0 first began in 2011, the hope was to find enough content to post once a day. Twelve years later, we consistently find ourselves with too much Catholic LGBTQ+ content! We have stuck to one post per day as a rule, but that at times means some news gets lost and never make it onto the blog. Today's post is a form of our "News Notes" series that features two of these older stories, which are still relevant and worth reading. Read More

What If A Synod Participant Would Come Out?

It's a possibility--and it would be great! Read More

A Great Flowering Tree in the Center of a Hoop

One of my greatest regrets with my father’s passing was that I was never able to truly come out to him as gay. Read More

The Bystanders

This unbinding is the way of Christ. But we must ask ourselves, is it our way? Read More

As “Killing Eve” Concludes, A Queer Catholic Reflects on the Show’s Affirming Impact

During my days in the closet as a practicing Catholic, I relied on LGBTQ+ movies, television shows, and books to understand why I felt the way I did. Out of all the LGBTQ+ stories I have consumed, only one has influenced me in ways I didn’t expect. Read More

Coming Out in the Midst of the Storm

When I was in the earliest stages of coming out and was sorting through my feelings about my sexuality, I felt as though there was a stormy ocean inside my mind, heart, and body. Read More

How a Son and Daughter Responded to a Gay Dad Coming Out

On this Father’s Day, some 34 years after the death of my own father, I reflect on my two amazing children, who were the best enablers I could hope for when I came out as a gay man. Read More

Progetto Gionata Publishes Resources on Experiences of Italian Parents with LGBTQ Children

An Italian organization for families with LGBTQ members has released a free publication for parents with LGBTQ children, as well as an accompanying video. Read More

Dismissed Gay Priest Wins Vatican Appeal

A gay priest dismissed from ministry after coming out has been reinstated by the Vatican, which reversed the dismissal on appeal due to lack of any clear charges or evidence. Read More

Gay Priest’s Coming Out Prompts Us to Adjust Image of God, Say Journalists

Two journalists, one from South Africa and one from the U.S., have recently responded to a pro-LGBTQ talk that theologian Fr. Bryan Massingale gave earlier this summer. Both journalists agreed that Massingale invites us all to adjust our image of God. Read More