Catholic Schools Week: One LGBTQ+ Campus Minister’s Journey to Affirming Work

I can’t repair injustice in the Church alone, but I can choose to work in places that are more affirming, and depart from the most hostile spaces. Read More

New Article Highlights Tensions in LGBTQ+ Pastoral Ministry at Catholic Colleges

A recent piece in the National Catholic Reporter suggests that both Catholic and Protestant colleges are often serving as this liminal space where queer students experience acceptance, as well as the contradiction of anti-LGBTQ+ theological underpinnings. Read More

What I Wish I Could Tell My Students

One student posed a question along these lines: “Where are all the queer campus ministers? Why aren’t they standing up to administration when queer students are targeted or excluded?” Read More

University Chaplain in Scotland Dismissed for Calling Pride a “Gross Offense to God”

A Scottish priest has been removed from his chaplaincy position after hosting a prayer service against Pride festivities. Read More