To Know the Hope that Belongs to God’s Call

And yet, like many LGBTQ+ people, I sometimes doubt the Spirit, especially when the community does not fully accept me or worse, when the community rejects me. Read More

In This Is Love: Dispatches from a Popular University for Gaza

For one, the fight for queer liberation is fundamentally intertwined with the struggle for a free Palestine. Read More

The Resurrection’s Lessons for Doing Intersectional LGBTQ+ Ministry

Queer women also deal with a myriad of injustices that only women face. In the case of the ministry mentioned above, located in a country where femicides are commonplace, it's no wonder queer women want to burn it all down. Read More

What Are Your Covenants (Under God’s Rainbow) This Lent

When you see a rainbow, what does it mean to you? How about a rainbow flag, banner, or even a pin on a government building, a home, or on another’s personal belongings? Read More

Living on the Margins—Just Like Jesus

Identifying with those on the margins, I don’t need nor want to defend myself. I am much freer here knowing I am blessed everyday walking with Jesus who chose to live on the margins. Read More

“Scripture and Trans Rights Are Not At Odds,” Writes Univ. of Dayton Professor

"The Bible was written in a patriarchal time, but it recognizes that people reimagined and reshaped their gender identities back then—just like they do today.” Read More

“God Doesn’t Want You to Be Miserable.”

What does it mean to have an obligation or purpose to preach the good news? Are we under the same obligation that Paul and Jesus were? Read More

“Get Someone Else to Do It. Not Me.”

But over the course of my years of ministry, I began to express another truth that I came to learn: the simple presence of LGBTQ+ people can present a threatening challenge to some people. Read More

Open to God’s surprising Incarnations

The Fourth Sunday of Advent beckons us to the threshold of Christmas (this year a bit more literally), inviting us to reflect on the intertwining themes of hope, trust, and the fulfillment of God's promises. Read More

On Synodality and Awakening

Are we awake? Is the Church awake? Is the Church a foolish bridesmaid or a wise one? Read More