Pope Francis: Condemning LGBTQ+ Blessings While Ignoring Real Injustice Is Hypocrisy

In his latest remarks about blessing same-gender couples, Pope Francis criticized as hypocrites those faithful who seem to negatively obsess about LGBTQ+ people, while ignoring the world's real injustices. Today's post includes this news and more updates on the reception of Fiducia Supplicans that remains ongoing. Read More

Nuns, Bishops, and Athletes All Opine about L.A. Dodgers’ Catholic LGBTQ+ Controversy

The controversy involving the Los Angeles Dodgers' decision to honor the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (SPI) for their charitable work has continued with seemingly everyone weighing in, from women religious to baseball players to bishops. Read More

Denying Child of LGBT Parents Admission to Catholic School Is Wrong, Opines Major Catholic Newspaper

A major Catholic newspaper has opined against banning the children of LGBTQ parents from Catholic schools as tensions over one such denial escalate. Read More

Child Denied Admission to Catholic School Over Parents’ Same-Gender Union

Parishioners are protesting after a Catholic school attached to their church denied admission to the young student of a same-gender couple. Read More