Bishop: Diocese Would Be “Irreparably Damaged” If Unable to Fire Church Workers

Bishop Peter Jugis of Charlotte made his remarks while being deposed in the federal court case of Lonnie Billard, who was fired from Charlotte Catholic High School in 2014 when his engagement to a man became public. Jugis said in the deposition that continuing to employ church workers who advocate against or violate "fundamental moral tenets" of church teaching would be a cause for "scandal." The Charlotte Observer reported further. . . Read More

Fired N.C. Gay Teacher Files Federal Discrimination Lawsuit

U.S. federal court will be the venue for the latest employment suit brought by an... Read More

NEWS NOTES: March 24, 2015

Here are some items that may be of interest: 1.Police are investigating homophobic messages spray... Read More

Gay Catholic High School Teacher Is Fired. But by Whom?

A Catholic school in North Carolina has fired a gay teacher, the first firing announced in 2015 after a year which saw more than twenty church workers lost their jobs over LGBT-related employment disputes. Read More