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  1. Nancy Sulfridge
    Nancy Sulfridge says:

    You have expressed my sentiments better than I could express them. I would add that I think this decision marks a low point for the Supreme Court as well.

  2. Loretta
    Loretta says:

    My opinion may not be appreciated, but even as a grandmother whose parents are gay, I do agree with the SCOTUS decision and I’ll tell you why.
    If teaching of the Church is contrary to the law then the religious institution has the right to request an exemption providing no harm is done that cannot be rectified in some manner. For instance, if a Jewish person opens a restaurant and only services kosher food, is she/he discriminating against those who want non-kosher food? If a doctor or nurse is working in a public hospital and is told to abort a living fetus, shouldn’t the doctor or nurse be allowed to excuse herself? If you don’t want kosher food, go to a different restaurant. If you want to adopt a child, go to a public agency. Is it right for the state to withdraw funds so that a whole lot of other children will not be served by the religious institution. Does the institutional church need to learn, reflect, and pray on their misinformed, feelings based beliefs about human sexuality, yes. Slowly but surely many are getting there. In the meantime, separation of Church and State is upheld in this decision, in my opinion.


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