In 2020, Finding “New Ways” of Educating and Advocating for Catholic LGBTQ Equality

2020 has been a tumultuous year causing changes that we would not have imagined in a year ago. While these changes have been difficult and painful, some of them have given birth to new ways of living.

Like many people, New Ways Ministry and the Catholic LGBTQ movement have had to intensify our commitment to being anti-racist, to mourn the loss of friends and supporters due to the pandemic, and to find, well, “new ways” of doing education and advocacy.

Today is Giving Tuesday, a global celebration of generosity that comes as we prepare for Christmas, and a time when we ask for your support. Please donate to support our ministry, as you are able.

As we ask for you to partner with us by donating financially, we want to let you know about just a few of the “new ways” that we have been adapting to 2020’s challenges.

In June, hundreds of people worldwide participated in our Virtual Pride Prayer Service.

In November, we hosted a webinar on the U.S. Supreme Court and LGBTQ issues to support church workers and LGBTQ families.

Throughout the year, we have been moving online our workshops about parish ministry, Catholic education, and transgender issues, as well as expanding website resources.

These efforts are feasible only because of our generous supporters. Will you partner with us today to keep these virtual educational and advocacy programs going?

Looking forward, we will host programs to support lesbian nuns and their community leaders, gay priests, brothers, and deacons, campus ministers, and other pastoral workers.

And we are compelled by the Movement for Black Lives to become an anti-racist organization. In July, we made a public commitment to doing so, and our board has begun planning how we can realize that commitment.

This Giving Tuesday, we recognize the great charitable need this year, and we appreciate that people’s budgets may be stretched more than usual. We deeply appreciate your generosity, however small or big. We consider all of our donors as intimate partners in all the work that we are able to do.

Your donation this Giving Tuesday helps us to continue building a more just and equal church for our LGBTQ friends and siblings. Please donate now.

For all you have given in the past, and for all that you may do in the future, we pray to God every day in joyous thanksgiving.

–Sister Jeannine Gramick, SL, Co-Founder, and Francis DeBernardo, Executive Director, December 1, 2020

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