New Vatican Document Condemns Gender Transitions and Undefined “Gender Theory”

The Vatican doctrinal office issued its latest intervention about LGBTQ+ issues yesterday, part of a larger document on human dignity in contemporary society that posited a highly transgender-negative approach.  Read More

As a Catholic Doctor, I Know Gender-Affirming Care Is Essential for Transgender Youth.

Because I am a Catholic physician, I spent many hours discerning whether it was morally acceptable to treat transgender children. Read More

Catholic Sister Says Bishop Invoked Her Name in Misleading Way on Transgender Healthcare

A Catholic sister long involved in transgender ministry has said a bishop made misleading claims about communication between them as the U.S. bishops discussed potentially ban gender-affirming care in Catholic hospitals. Read More

“The Scars Embody Liberation”: A Transgender Catholic’s Call for Self-Care

Many LGBTQ+ Catholics and allies proclaimed the simple truth that gender-affirming care is self-care. Read More

USCCB Note on Gender Transitions “Could Have Been Written in the 1950s,” Writes Bioethicist

M. Therese Lysaught, a bioethicist and theologian, comprehensively dissected the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' Committee on Doctrine's recent statement that seeks to stop Catholic healthcare institutions from providing gender-affirming care. Read More