Vatican Reverses Its Decision, Will Allow Pro-LGBTQ+ Theologian to Be University Dean

The Vatican has reversed its decision that once barred an LGBTQ-supportive theologian from becoming a university dean. The Vatican will now allow him to assume the position a year later. Read More

Vatican Veto of LGBTQ-Positive Theologian’s Appointment Raises Serious Concerns

The Vatican's has intervened to stop a theologian from becoming dean of an Italian seminary apparently over his views on sexuality, which include LGBTQ-positive writings. The debacle has raised concerns about academic freedom in the church and the relationship between the academy and the Roman Curia. Read More

Vatican Repudiation of “Doctrine of Discovery” Offers Lessons for LGBTQ+ Advocates

While the Vatican's repudiation of the "Doctrine of Discovery" may seem detached from LGBTQ+ issues, we can learn relevant lessons from it regarding the church’s treatment of gender and sexuality. Read More

Nativity School Raises $100,000+ After Bishop’s Sanction; And More News

Today's post features an update on the Nativity School of Worcester following the local bishop's sanctions against it, an exciting new Vatican appointment, and more news. Read More