The following theological statement produced by New Ways Ministry supports the church’s teaching that LGBTQ people should not suffer discrimination. We invite you to read and to endorse this statement using the buttons below.

Current endorsers include: Sister Helen Prejean, Richard Rodriguez, Garry Wills, Sister Simone Campbell, Rev. Bryan Massingale, Sister Margaret Farley, M. Shawn Copeland, Richard Gaillardetz, Sister Elizabeth Johnson, Rev. Charles Curran, Mary McAleese, and Miguel Diaz.

A Home for All

A Catholic Call for LGBTQ Non-Discrimination

New Ways Ministry

August 9, 2021


The relationship between the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church and the community of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) persons has long been fraught with tensions, negative emotions, and confusion. Harsh statements from high-ranking church leaders against LGBTQ equality initiatives in the civil arena have often succeeded in limiting the rights of LGBTQ people, causing great offense and allowing great social and personal harm to befall this marginalized community.

Equally alarming to us as Catholics is that a vocal section of our church leaders too often does not fully consider Catholicism’s most fundamental teachings and values when taking positions on LGBTQ social policy initiatives. By supporting civic policies that promote discrimination and by opposing policies that would produce equality, these leaders bypass the Catholic Church’s proud social justice tradition, the product of more than a century’s development of social doctrine that increasingly supports the human rights of all people without exception.

Because LGBTQ people suffer from unjust discrimination due to structural inequalities in law and social institutions, our Catholic faith compels us to speak out in support of the principle of non-discrimination. Non-discrimination would alleviate the personal suffering of LGBTQ people, provide them equal access to our society’s opportunities, and, in many cases, save lives. Ending discrimination of this type would also benefit the common good of all people in our society. If LGBTQ people were allowed to flourish as full human beings and as equal citizens, our communal, cultural, and social life would be greatly enhanced by their gifts.

As Catholic theologians, scholars, church leaders, writers, and ministers, we affirm that Catholic teaching presents a positive case for ending discrimination against LGBTQ people. We affirm the Second Vatican Council’s demand that “any kind of social or cultural discrimination. . .must be curbed and eradicated” (Gaudium et Spes, 29). We affirm that Catholic teaching should not be used to further oppress LGBTQ people by denying rights rooted in their inherent human dignity and in the church’s call for social equality.

We recognize that a great debate is currently underway in the Catholic Church about whether the current magisterial characterization of same-gender relationships and transgender identities is accurate or not. That is a vital discussion for the future of Catholicism, and one to which we are whole-heartedly committed. What we are saying in this statement, however, is relatively independent of that debate, and the endorsers of this statement may hold varied, and even opposing, opinions on sexual and gender matters. Whichever position you, the reader, may hold on sexual or gender ethics, we invite you to consider the following theological reflection on the topic of non-discrimination with an open mind and an open heart.

Signs of the Times: Discrimination

Heeding Vatican II’s repeated calls to discern “the signs of the times,” Catholics have been engaging questions of gender and sexuality with renewed energy.

Despite certain legal and social advances in recent years, LGBTQ people in the United States remain victims of significant discrimination. A recent report shows that more than one-third of LGBTQ people have faced some form of discrimination, and this rate is notably higher if one is transgender or a person of color. Discrimination manifests itself in healthcare, housing, employment, public accommodations, adoption and foster care, interactions with police, access to credit, and education. Such discrimination is often compounded by gender, race, religion, class, or other factors.

Moreover, many LGBTQ people are forced to remain closeted, thus compounding the emotional damage. We think, too, of LGBTQ people subject to so-called conversion therapies that, though causing great psychological damage, still remain legal in most states. LGBTQ people are also disproportionately subjected to policies of mass incarceration. And the all-too-common physical violence persists in many places. Especially tragic and scandalous is the fact that LGBTQ youth are three times as likely to contemplate suicide than their heterosexual and cisgender counterparts do — and five times as likely to have attempted suicide compared to those same counterparts.

Discrimination cuts across a wide segment of American life, from LGBTQ youth being prevented from forming support clubs in schools to LGBTQ elders being denied senior living opportunities. While the right to marry civilly has now been secured, a couple can still legally be refused services because of their marriage. In short, the failure of U.S. society to implement comprehensive non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ people has severely curtailed their ability to flourish as human beings.

Scripture strongly affirms that God hears and responds to the cry of the poor and suffering. Society’s failure to protect LGBTQ people has left them crying out for justice. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we too must hear and respond to this cry by pursuing policies and laws that remedy such grave injustices. To do any less would abdicate our responsibility as Christians to live the Gospel in public life by advancing the good of all people, especially those on the margins.

The time has come to remedy this grave injustice, and our Catholic tradition holds the tools to fix this problem.

Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic Social Teaching, the body of doctrine and knowledge developed in church documents from the late 19th century to the present day, provides a clear basis for Catholic leaders to support non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ people as the Catechism of the Catholic Church demands. While Catholic Social Teaching acknowledges that resolving social issues is complex, certain primary principles guide its application. At its foundation, Catholic Social Teaching recognizes that all people are created in the image of God. This innate dimension is the source of our dignity as human beings —dignity that is respected through the protection of each person’s human rights. These rights should be protected by law. They apply to all people. No exceptions are made. No person is excluded.

Catholic Social Teaching is based on decades of theological reflection and has developed with the following components at its core:

➢      Because all human beings are endowed with human dignity and equal to one another, no individuals or groups should be denied the civil rights enjoyed by others in society.

➢      All human beings have the right to participate as full citizens in their societies, and they should be afforded opportunities to advocate for themselves and for the common good.

➢      Because human beings are social, the structure of society and its laws has a direct impact on all individuals’ abilities to grow and develop in society.

➢      Justice in society requires a preferential concern for any individuals or groups who are poor, vulnerable, or marginalized.

➢      As a human family, we are all responsible for one another’s well-being, and we must stand in solidarity with our neighbors, especially if their human dignity is being violated.

➢      Society must always value the common good, which includes protecting each person’s ability to reach their full human potential.

The Catholic virtue of hospitality also has a social dimension. Hospitality is at the very heart of the Gospel, evident in Jesus’ table ministry and his frequent invitations to all people to participate in his way of life. This disposition to welcome has been realized by Christians in each age, most recently in the encyclical Fratelli Tutti, in which Pope Francis regards hospitality as a “sacred duty.” Non-discrimination protections are essential to living out hospitality in the way Jesus modeled.

Which Comes First: Justice or Sex?

From the 1970s onward, Catholic leaders, including members of the hierarchy, have applied Catholic Social Teaching concepts to promote the idea that LGBTQ people should not be subject to prejudice, discrimination, abuse, and harassment. Time and again they have affirmed the full and equal dignity of LGBTQ people.

However, another line of discussion in Catholic discourse about LGBTQ issues emphasizes the magisterium’s condemnations of sexual activity between people of the same gender and, more recently a disapproval of transgender people. That line of discussion is often proclaimed more frequently, more loudly, and more absolutely than the Catholic Church’s social justice teaching as it applies to LGBTQ people. This emphasis on the sexual teaching and opposition to trans identities is often used as a trump card to oppose any non-discrimination initiatives for LGBTQ people.

Catholics are thus faced with an important question: Should the church’s sexual ethics tradition or its social justice tradition be the primary lens with which to examine LGBTQ equality initiatives?  We believe it is imperative for Catholics and their leaders to rely on the social justice tradition.

As early as 1983, the Washington State Catholic Conference declared that “…prejudice against homosexuals is a greater infringement of the norm of Christian morality than is homosexual…activity.” This excerpt neatly distills the idea that opposition to discrimination is an ethical claim prior and superior to that of any sexual or gender ethic. This concept is strongly supported by Catholic reasoning:

➢      When considering equality measures for LGBTQ people, we must remember that we are first and foremost talking about people. An individual’s personhood is the most important feature of their identity, and it is what qualifies them to be protected by civil law.

➢      Both social ethics and sexual ethics are fundamentally concerned with how to love well and pursue Christian perfection. Social justice, however, is necessarily prior to creating the appropriate conditions whereby people can choose the good when it comes to sexual ethics.

➢      No evidence exists in Scripture for LGBTQ people not to be considered full human beings deserving of social inclusion and protection. No quotes about sexual orientation or gender identity are attributed to Jesus in any of the four gospel accounts. However, those same gospels are filled with directions and demands that Jesus’ followers love one another, welcome the outcast, foreigner, and oppressed, and reach out to all, even those outside of one’s own religious traditions. The message of Scripture shows that Jesus was much more concerned with social arrangements than with sexuality.

➢      In Catholic thinking, public law is not an enforcement mechanism for the totality of personal morality. Not all that is considered immoral is unlawful, nor should it be. The church does not seek to criminalize every action which the magisterium prohibits on ethical grounds. Civil law serves to preserve the public order, creating conditions conducive to the flourishing of all. Discrimination against LGBTQ people violates this mandate for justice, and civil law must strive to end these practices.

➢      The Catholic ethical tradition rejects the idea that a just end can be obtained through unjust means. Discrimination against LGBTQ people cannot be used as a means to oppose ideas or behavior to which a religious body may object. And while church leaders can oppose ideas or behaviors that undermine the common good, non-discrimination for LGBTQ people is not in these categories. Religious beliefs that disapprove of same-gender sexual relationships or of contemporary understandings of gender cannot be used to support discrimination that leads to a diminished role in society for LGBTQ people.

Signs of the Times: The Right Moment

Now is the time to act for non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ people. We have already described the urgency of preventing human suffering and violations of civil rights, but we must also observe that both the church’s and society’s understandings of LGBTQ people have changed in the following important ways.

First, scientific evidence continues to prove that sexual orientation and gender identity are fundamental characteristics of an individual. Research shows that diverse sexual and gender identities are normal in the human experience, not deviations from it.

Second, as more LGBTQ people are open about their orientation and/or identity, we witness more and more the healthy, holy, and wholesome ways that God’s revelation is manifest in all people, including LGBTQ people.

Third, among the U.S. laity in our Catholic Church, more welcoming and affirming attitudes toward LGBTQ people continue to expand. Over the past 10 years, surveys and opinion polls keep showing a growing acceptance of LGBTQ people and relationships among U.S. Catholics in the pews. This growth is evident in the large number of Catholic parishes, schools, and college campuses that have already developed projects, policies, and programs to support LGBTQ people. More and more Catholic scholars, writers, and conferences are examining the place of LGBTQ people in church and in society and are advocating for equal treatment.

Moreover, our church has placed a renewed emphasis on its social teaching as a constitutive aspect of its evangelical mission. The Catholic Church today, enlivened by the dangerous memories of those on the underside of history, proclaims the Reign of God especially when it proclaims social justice. This reorientation, begun at Vatican II and developed in theology and the magisterium over the past six decades, calls Catholics and all people of good will to be seekers of peace and doers of justice wherever inequities and suffering exist. If LGBTQ people, who still face myriad forms of discrimination, are not included in our church’s call for justice, its other entreaties for justice will be perceived as untenable.


As Catholic theologians, scholars, church leaders, writers, and ministers, we care deeply about our church and our society. Our strong endorsement of non-discrimination towards LGBTQ people comes from careful reflection on scripture, our church’s tradition and teachings, our academic studies, and our experience of the lives of LGBTQ people. In these sources, we witness the Holy Spirit speaking through them to guide us to live more faithfully the Gospel mandate to pursue justice by hearing and responding to the cry of the poor and marginalized.

We invite all Catholics and people of good will to join us by standing up and speaking out for non-discrimination in your communities. We hope you will join in the mission to make both our church and our world a home for all.

Over 150 personnel from Sacred Heart University, Bridgeport, Connecticut, have endorsed the statement. These include faculty and staff from all levels of the university, including the president. Because of this exceptional sign of support, we have grouped all the Sacred Heart signers in one box at the end of the Key Endorsers list. To view the list, click here.

Key Endorsers

Listed alphabetically by last name. Institutional affiliation for identification purposes only.

Katherine Abel
Affirmed Chicago

Abigail Abysalh-Metzger
NGO Representative to the United Nations
Pax Christi International

Richard Adams
University of Maryland

Rev. John Adamski
Archdiocese of Atlanta

SimonMary Aihiokhai
Associate Professor
University of Portland

Marie Lynette Aldapa
Leader, Ministry with Lesbian and Gay Catholics
Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Rev. James Alison
Independent Scholar

Ruby Almeida
Bridge and Embrace

Emilia Alonso-Sameno
Ohio University

Rev. John P. Alvarado
Church of the Sacred Heart, South Plainfield, NJ

Artemae Anderson
Leadership Team Member
Families With Dignity

Kathryn Anderson Kuo
Associate Director of Campus Ministry for Liturgy
Fordham University

Camille Angel
University of San Francisco

Jorge Aquino
Associate Professor
University of San Francisco

Maria-Pilar Aquino
Professor Emerita
University of San Diego

Catherine Arnold
Benedictine University

Br. Joseph Bach, OSF
Director, Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation
Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn

Stacie Baltrusitis
Ministry Leader
St. Joseph’s Renewal Center

Sr. Dina Bato, SP
Social Justice Advocate
Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods

Constance Battle
Professor, retired
George Washington University

Robert & Elaine Bauer
Liturgy Director
Divine Savior Catholic Church, Orangevale, CA

Rev. Michael Bausch
Pastor Emeritus
Diocese of Rochester

Carole Ann Beaman
Worship Commision Chair
Christ the King Church, Detroit, MI

John Becker
Communications Specialist
Catholics for Choice

Rev. Justin Belitz, OFM
Founder and Director
The Franciscan Hermitage

Johan Bergstrom-Allen, TOC
Research Associate
University of York and Carmelite Institute

Rev. James Bernauer, SJ
Krafy Family Professor Emeritus
Boston College

Sr. Elaine Betoncourt, CSJ
Social Justice Advocate
Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery

Gerald Beyer
Villanova University

Adam Beyt
Fordham University

Aaron Bianco
Adjunct Instructor
University of San Diego

Willa Bickham and Brendan Walsh
VIVA House Catholic Worker
Baltimore, MD

Sr. Michele Bisbey, CDP
Provincil Director
Sisters of Divine Providence

Thomas Bolin
St. Norbert College

Rev. Kenneth Boller, SJ
Church of Francis Xavier, New York City

Br. Joseph Boney
Community Servant
Mercy of God Community

Rev. Tomasz Borkowski
St. Patrick’s Church, Whitinsville, MA

Blase Bova
Executive Director
Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Alameda County

Sr. Mary C. Boys, SNJM
Skinner & McAlpin Professor of Practical Theology
Union Theological Seminary

Rev. Jim Bracke
University of Notre Dame

Milton Javier Bravo
St. John’s University

Rev. Francis J. Breen
NGO Representative to the United Nations

Rev. Brian Bricker, OP
Assistant Pastor
St. Pius V Parish, Chicago, IL

Michael Brinkschröder
BSZ Alois Senefelder, Munich, Germany

Keith Brittin
Chair, Open Hearts Ministry
St Patrick-St Anthony Catholic Church, Hartford, CT

Sherri Brown
Associate Professor
Creighton University

Rev. Joseph Brown, SJ
Southern Illinois University

B. Kevin Brown
Gonzaga University

Andy Buechel
Assistant Professor
Mount Saint Joseph University

Sr. Karen Burke, CSJ
Coordinator of Land Initiatives
Sisters of Sr. Joseph, Brentwood, NY

Kevin Burke
Associate Professor
University of Georgia

Don Burt
Saint Lawrence Martyr Church, Redondo Beach, CA

Kenneth Butigan
Senior Professional Lecturer
DePaul University

Sr. Donna Butler, SP
Justice Advocate
Sisters of Providence

Brian Cahill
Retired Executive Director
Catholic Charities San Francisco

Lisa Sowle Cahill
Professor of Theology
Boston College

Rev. Joseph Calderone, OSA
Associate Director, Campus Ministry
Villanova University

Susan Calef
Assistant Professor
Creighton University

Sr. Simone Campbell, SSS
Founder and Author
Nuns on the Bus

Sr. Carmella Campione, CSJ
Member, Peace and Justice Team
Congregation of St. Joseph

Michael Campos
De La Salle University Manila

Denise Carmody
Professor Emerita
Santa Clara University

Colleen Carpenter
Saint Catherine University

Matthew Casey-Pariseault
Clinical Assistant Professor
Arizona State University

William Cavanaugh
DePaul University

Terrence Charlton, SJ
Mwangaza Jesuit Spirituality Centre, Nairobi, Kenya

Thom Chesney
Clarke University

Krista Chinchilla-Patzke
University Minister, Ministry en lo Cotidiano
Dominican University

Robert Christman
Associate Professor
Mohawk Valley Community College

Andrew Cirillo
Campus Minister for Advancement
Catholic Newman Community, University of Rochester

James Claffey
NGO Representative to the United Nations
Congregation of the Mission

Randall Clark, Jr.
Secular Franciscan Fraternity

William A. Clark
Associate Professor
College of the Holy Cross

Jessica Coblentz
Assistant Professor
Saint Mary’s College

Carly Cohen
Associate Campus Minister
Georgian Court University

Sr. Angela Collins, OP
Leadership Council
Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa

Paul Collins
Emeritus Faculty
Australian National University

Rev. David Cooper
St. Matthias Catholic Church, Milwaukee, WI

M Shawn Copeland

Tom Cordaro
Ambassador of Peace
Pax Christi USA

Jeff Corpuz
De La Salle University

Dan Cosacchi
Assistant Professor
Marywood University

Rev. Joseph Costantino, SJ
St. Ignatius Church, Chestnut Hill, MA

Dennis Costanzo
Sacred Music Director
St. Robert Bellarmine, Chicago, IL

Patrick Cousins
Assistant Director of Campus Ministry
Saint Louis University

Kathy Cox
Research Associate
University of San Diego

Rev. David Cray, SSE
Superior General
Society of St. Edmund

Gordon Creamer
Lay Minister for LGBTQ+ Ministry
St. Ignatius Catholic Church, Baltimore, MD

Philip Cronce
Associate Professor (retired)
Chicago State University

Rev. Charles Curran
Scurlock University Professor of Human Values
Southern Methodist University

Timothy Curran
LGBTQ Ministry Leader
St. Patrick/St. Anthony Church, Hartford, CT

Sr. Denise Curry, SNDdeN
Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation East-West Coordinator
Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur

Patrick Curtin
Chaplaincy Institute for Interfaith Studies

Sr. Anne Curtis, RSM
Mercy Ecology

Linda Dakin-Grimm
Senior Fellow, Advanced Leadership Institute
Harvard University

Sr. Patricia Daly, OP
Corporate Responsibility and Impact Investment Minister
Caldwell Dominican Sisters

Rev. Frederick Daley
All Saints Church, Syracuse, NY

Mary D’Angelo
Associate Professor Emerita
University of Notre Dame

Brandy Daniels
Assistant Professor
University of Portland

Shawnee Daniels-Sykes
Mount Mary University

Rev. Rich Danyluk, sscc
Second Councilor
Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, US Province

Sr. Camille D’Arienzo, RSM
Writer and Catholic Media Commentator

Jessica Lemes da Silva
Vancouver School Board

Sr. Colleen Dauerbach, SSJ
Social Justice Coordinator
Sisters of St. Joseph of Chestnut Hill, PA

David Dault
Executive Producer and Host
Things Not Seen Radio

Lynn Dault
Assistant Professor
Loyola University Chicago

Maria Teresa Davila
Visiting Associate Professor
Merrimack College

Stacy Davis
Saint Mary’s College

Neomi De Anda
Associate Professor
University of Dayton

Francis DeBernardo
Executive Director
New Ways Ministry

Rev. James DeBruycker
St. Joan of Arc, Minneapolis, MN

John DeCostanza, Jr.
Assistant Vice President of Mission & Ministry
Dominican University

Rev. John Deegan, OSA
Director of the Justice and Peace Office
Augustinians, Province of St. Thomas of Villanova

Rev. Dominic DeLay, OP
Associate Pastor
Catholic Community at Stanford University

Linda Delen
Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
SUNY Brockport NY

Fides del Castillo
Associate Professor
De La Salle University, Manila

Teresa Delgado
Iona College

Sr. Ilia Delio
Connelly Chair
Villanova University

Jacob DeMarais
Associate Director, University Ministry
Lewis University

Marie Dennis
Senior Advisor to the Secretary General
Pax Christi International

Claire Dente
West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Sr. Luisa Derouen, OP
Minister to the Transgender Community
Dominican Sisters of Peace

Sr. Kathleen Desautels, SP
Community Organizer and Justice Advocate
Sisters of Providence of St. Mary-of-the-Woods

Louis de Strycker
Former Board Member, Sedes Sapientiae Foundation
Université catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

Miguel Díaz
The John Courtney Murray University Chair in Public Service
Loyola University Chicago

Ansgar Dierkes
Diocesan Synod Member
Diocese of Limburg

Lynn Discenza
Leader, LGBTQ+ Parish Ministry
Franciscan Center for Urban Ministry, Hartford, CT

Mary Doak
University of San Diego

William Dohar
Senior Lecturer
Santa Clara University

Linda Plitt Donaldson
Associate Dean
James Madison University

Brian Doyle
Marymount University

Franziska Driessen-Reding
President, Synode Council
Catholic Canton of Zurich, Switzerland

Marianne Duddy-Burke
Executive Director

Sr. Ellen Dunn, OP
Delegate for Religious, retired
Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston

Sr. Sara Dwyer, ASC
Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation Contact
Adorers of the Blood of Christ, US Region

Rev. Patrick Earl, SJ
Associate Pastor
Holy Trinity Church, Washington, DC

Emily Eckwahl-Sanna
Managing Editor
U.S. Catholic

John Edwards
Director, Center for Pastoral Ministry Education
Villanova University

Matthew Eggemeier
College of the Holy Cross

Robert Ellsberg
Orbis Books

Orlando Espin
Professor Emeritus
University of San Diego

Chris Evon
Leader, One In Love LGBTQ Ministry
Holy Family Church, Inverness, IL

Massimo Faggioli
Villanova University

Joseph Fahey
Catholic Scholars for Worker Justice

Sr. Pamela Falkowski
North American Province Leader
Sisters of the Cenacle

Rev. Robert Fambrini, SJ
St. Francis Xavier Church, Phoenix, AZ

Sr. Margaret Farley, RSM
Professor Emerita
Yale Divinity School

Rev. Paolo Fedrigoni
Congregational Leader
Consolata Missionaries

Sr. Kathleen Feeley, SSND
Notre Dame of Maryland University

Dwayne Fernandes
Director of Spirituality
New Ways Ministry

Adan Fernandez
Director of Music and Liturgy
Holy Family Catholic Community, Glendale, CA

Rev. David T. Fitzgerald, SP
Father Servant
Servants of the Paraclete

Sr. Arlene Flaherty, OP
Preacher/Justice Promoter
Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt, NY

Brian Flanagan
Associate Professor
Marymount University

Rev. Tony Flannery, C.Ss.R
A Question of Conscience

Nichole Flores
Assistant Professor
University of Virginia

Sr. Maureen Foltz
Intercontinental Coordinator
Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation, Carmelites, Vedruna

Craig Ford, Jr
Assistant Professor
St. Norbert College

Ashley Frank
North-West University, South Africa

Rev. Thomas Franks, OFM Cap
Manhattan College

Janet Frayer
Associate Coordinator
Congregation of St. Joseph

Sr. Rosemary Fry, CSJ
Vocation Director
Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto

Lisa Fullam
Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University

Richard Gaillardetz
Joseph Professor of Catholic Systematic Theology
Boston College

Sr. Elise García, OP
General Councilor
Dominican Sisters of Adrian

Rev. Francis Gargani, C.Ss.P
Evangelization Team
Redemptorist Fathers and Brothers

Edwina Gateley
Author and Speaker

Sue Geegan
Director of Human Concerns
Holy Family Catholic Community, Inverness, IL

John Gehring
Catholic Program Director
Faith in Public Life

Carol Gibney
Campus Minister
Fordham University

Kate Giancatarino
Campus Minister
Villanova University

Judy Giesen
Former Human Rights Commissioner
Dubuque, IA

Laurent Gilbert, Sr.
Former Mayor
Lewiston, ME

Anas Gilgamesh
LGBTQ Rights Activist of Iraq

Michelle Gilgannon
Assistant Professor
Cardinal Stritch University

Rev. Luigi Gioia
Research Associate
Von Hügel Institute, Cambridge University

Rev. Anthony Gittins, CSSp
Professor Emeritus
Catholic Theological Union

William Glenn
Chair, Board of Trustees
The Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley CA

Rev. Dónal Godfrey, SJ
University Chaplain
The University of San Francisco

Roberto Goizueta
Flatley Professor Emeritus of Catholic Theology
Boston College

Kristi Gonsalves-McCabe
Chief of Staff
Regis University

Sr. Fran Gorsuch, CBS
Leadership Team and Vocation Director
Sisters of Bon Secour

Chantal Götz
Voices of Faith

Jeannine Gramick, SL
New Ways Ministry

Angela Gray-Girton
Assistant Director
Dorothy Day Center for Faith and Justice, Xavier University

June-Ann Greeley
Associate Professor
Sacred Heart University

Rev. Gregory Greiten
St. Bernadette Parish, Milwaukee, WI

Sr. Donna Marie Gribschaw, CDP
Provincial Councilor
Sisters of Divine Providence

Thomas Groome
Boston College

Alex Gruber
Adjunct Lecturer
St. Norbert College

Leo Guardado
Assistant Professor
Fordham University

Rev. Michael Guinan, OFM
Professor Emeritus
Franciscan School of Theology

Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton
Auxiliary Bishop, Retired
Archdiocese of Detroit

Ann Guthrie
Music Director
St. Ann Church, Augusta, MI

Rev. Kyle Haden, OFM
Associate Professor
St. Bonaventure University

Rev. Roger D. Haight, SJ
Union Theological Seminary

Laura Haigwood
Saint Mary’s College

Hille Haker
Richard McCormick Endowed Chair in Catholic Moral Theology
Loyola University Chicago

Brian Halderman
Co-Chair, LGBT Initiative Team
Marianist Social Justice Collaborative

Ursula Halligan
We Are Church Ireland

Rev. James Halstead, OSA
Professor (retired)
DePaul University

Julie Hanlon Rubio
Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University

Ron Hansen
Author and Endowed Chair
Santa Clara University

Andrew Hanson-Quintana
Campus Minister
Santa Clara University

M. Cathy Harmon
Chair, Steering Committee
Catholics for Common Good – Georgia

Sabrina Harper
Pastoral Associate
St. Matthias Church, Redwood City, CA

Corey Harris
Associate Professor
Alvernia University

Sr. Toni Harris, OP
Leadership Council
Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa

Brian Hartig
LGBTQ Ministry Leader
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Vista, California

Rev. William Hart McNichols
Artist and Pastoral Minister
Archdiocese of Santa Fe

Sr. Patricia Harvat, OP
General Councilor
Dominican Sisters of Adrian

Jennifer Haselberger
Independent Scholar

Dennis Heaney
St. Joan of Arc Parish, Minneapolis, MN

Karin Heller
Whitworth University

Daniel A. Helminiak
Emeritus Professor
University of West Georgia

Sr. Carmen Hernandez
Congregational Leader
Sisters of the Presentation, Dubuque, IA

Kristin Heyer
Boston College

Sr. Margaret Hickey, ND
Provincial President
Notre Dame Sisters, Omaha, NE

Jacqueline Hidalgo
Williams College

Jeannine Hill Fletcher
Fordham University

Mary Hines
Professor Emerita
Emmanuel College

MaryAnn Hinsdale
Associate Professor
Boston College

Bradford Hinze
Endowed Chair
Fordham University

Angela Hollar
University of Notre Dame

Rev. David Hollenbach, SJ
Pedro Arrupe Distinguished Research Professor
Georgetown University

Mary Kate Holman
Assistant Professor
Benedictine University

Colm Holmes
We Are Church International

Rev. Robert Holmes
Peace and Integrity of Creation Committee
Basilian Fathers

James Holzhauer-Chuckas, ObSB
Senior Director
United Catholic Youth Ministries

Rev. Daniel Horan, OFM
Director of the Center for Spirituality and Professor
Saint Mary’s College

J. Patrick Hornbeck II
Fordham University

Anita Houck
Saint Mary’s College

Angela Howard-McParland
Justice Resource Manager
Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

Joan Huber
Youth Minister
Cathedral of the Assumption, Louisville, KY

Br. Cornelius E. Hubbuch
Former Superior General
Xaverian Brothers

Peter Huff
Benedictine University

Rev. James Hug, SJ
Author, Pastoral Minister, and Activist

Christian Hulburt
Diocese of San Diego

Mary Hunt
Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics, and Ritual

Davis Idnowa
Executive Director
Reginal Network

Natalia Imperatori-Lee
Manhattan College

Joseph Incandela
Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Benedictine University

John Inglis
University of Dayton

Mary Jo Iozzio
Boston College School of Theology and Ministry

Chandra Irvin
Executive Director for Peace and Spiritual Renewal
Spalding University

Karen Jackson
Coordinator, Peace and Social Justice Committee
Christ the Servant Parish, Canton, OH

Devon James
Associate Director of Campus Ministry
St. Paul’s Newman Center, Laramie, WY

Jan Jans
Associate Professor (retired)
Tilburg University

Michael Jaycox
Associate Professor
Seattle University

Claire Jenkins
Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology

Sr. Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ
Distinguished Professor Emerita
Fordham University

Rev. Terry Johnson
Sisters of Providence of St. Mary of the Woods

Zach Johnson
Executive Director
Call to Action

Arthur Jones
Co-facilitator, Social Justice Ministry
Cure d’Ars Catholic Church, Denver

Patricia Beattie Jung
Professor (retired)
Saint Paul School of Theology

Sr. Jyotisha Kannamkal
Province ‘Laudato Si’ Coordinator
Sisters of Notre Dame, Patna, India

Rev. Chris Kanowitz
Parochial Vicar
Our Lady of the Snows, Reno, NV

Sr. Karen Kappell, FSPA
Mission Councilor
Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration

Mary Karr
Peck Professor of Literature
Syracuse University

Sr. Rebecca Keller
Sisters of Providence

Rev. Christopher Kellerman, SJ
Interim Director
Jesuit Social Research Institute

Thomas Kelly
Creighton University

Kathy Kelly
Advisory Board
World Beyond War

Rev. Robert Kennedy
Retired Pastor and Professor
Diocese of Rochester

Evelyn Kirkley
Associate Professor
University of San Diego

Mel Kitchen
Lehigh University Pride Center

Phil Klay
Author and Creative Writing Faculty
Fairfield University

Ashley Klick
Pastoral Associate for Social Justice
Holy Trinity Catholic Church

Stefanie Knauss
Associate Professor
Villanova University

Jacob Kohlhaas
Associate Professor
Loras College

Rev. Dale Korogi
Church of the Ascension, Minneapolis, MN

Mary Krantz
Professor Emerita
Weber State University

David Kundtz

Travis LaCouter
Visiting Assistant Professor
College of the Holy Cross

Paul Lakeland
Fairfield University

Thomas Landy
Director, McFarland Center
College of the Holy Cross

Gerard M. Lawler
Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem

Michael G. Lawler
Endowed Graff Chair in Catholic Theology Emeritus
Creighton University

James Laxa
Director, Lasallian Pastoral Office
De La Salle University

Michael Leach
Publisher Emeritus
Orbis Books

Martin Leahy
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Claudia Leal
Assistant Professor
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Sr. Louise Lears, SC
Social Justice Advocate
Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati

Rev. Daniel LeBlanc
NGO Representative at the United Nations
Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate

Br. Jon R. Lechner, CCR
Congregational Leader
Community of Christus Rex

Rev. John M. Lee, CP
Pastoral Minister
St. Ann Monastery, Scranton, PA

Bruce Lescher
Senior Lecturer Emeritus
Santa Clara University

Frank Lindh
Adjunct Professor
University of San Francisco

Sr. Elizabeth Linehan, RSM
Chair, Working Group on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Sisters of Mercy

Cristina Lledo Gomez
Presentation Sisters Lecturer in Theology
BBI-The Australian Institute of Theological Education

Sr. Mary Ellen Loch
Peace and Justice Coordinator
Congregation of St. Joseph

Gerard Loughlin
Professor, Department of Theology and Religion
Durham University

Cathie Macauley
Coordinator, Pastoral Home Care
Archdiocese of Montreal

Gary Macy
Santa Clara University

Martin Madar
Associate Professor
Xavier University

Julie Madden
Director, Peace and Justice Ministries
St. Joan of Arc Church, Minneapolis, MN

Daniel C. Maguire
Emeritus Professor
Marquette University

Gregory Maguire

Rev. Peter Maher, OAM
Archdiocese of Sydney

Sr. Colleen Mary Mallon, OP
Coordinator of Formation for Mission
Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose

Jamie Manson
Catholics for Choice

Rev. Jonathan Marín, SJ
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

Sr. Ellen Maroney, IHM
Congregation of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Scranton

Elisa Márquez
Parroquia Emperatriz de América, Mexico City

Eric Martin
University of California, Los Angeles

Jacquie Martin
Coordinator of Social Action
Manhattan College

Maria Marx
Associate Director of Campus Ministry
Neumann University

Rev. Bryan Massingale
James and Nancy Buckman Professor of Theological and Social Ethics
Fordham University

Robert Masson
Professor Emeritus
Marquette University

John R. Mastalski
Manager of Spiritual Care
PeaceHealth Northwest Network

David Mayeux
Campus Minister
Catholic Campus Ministry Diocese of Charlotte

Michael Mayhew
Founder & CEO
It Takes A Village

Mary McAleese
University of Glasgow

Megan McCabe
Assistant Professor
Gonzaga University

Sr. Janet McCann, ASC
U.S. Region Councilor
Adorers of the Blood of Christ

John McDargh
Associate Professor
Boston College

Rev. Jim McDermott, SJ

Bill McDonough
St. Catherine University

Sean McElwee
Campus Minister
Villanova University

William McFadden
Associate Professor
Georgetown University

Dugan McGinley
Teaching Professor
Rutgers University

Sr. Mary McGlone, CSJ
Congregational Leadership Team
Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet

Br. Mickey McGrath
Artist and Author

Brian McGuinness
Chief Financial Officer
Sacred Heart Schools

Margaret McGuiness
La Salle University

Patricia McGuire
Trinity Washington University

Patrick McKenzie
Director of Campus Ministry
Neumann University

Molly McKinnon
Campus Minister
Gonzaga Preparatory School

Br. Sean McLaughlin, SDS
Provincial Council Member
Society of the Divine Savior

Rev. Peter McLeod
St. Leonard Parish, River Ryan, NS, Canada

Christopher McMahon
Saint Vincent College

Sr. Patricia McMahon, OSF
Mission Integration Minister
Sisters of St. Francis, Holy Name Province

Bill McNamara
Campus Minister
Seattle University

Brian McNaught

Linda McNeil
LGBTQ+ Youth Programs Director, retired
Side By Side Virginia

Christina McRorie
Assistant Professor
Creighton University

Matt Merkt
Campus Minister
DePaul University

Marcus Mescher
Associate Professor
Xavier University

Robert Miailovich
Former President

Kevin Michaud
LGBTQ / BIPOC Liaison to Campus Safety
Bates College

Rev. Lawrence Mick
St. Leonard Faith Community, Centerville, OH

Alex Mikulich
Independent Scholar

Br. Ernest Miller, FSC
Vice President of Mission, Diversity and Inclusion
LaSalle University

Vincent Miller
University of Dayton

Steven Millies
Catholic Theological Union

David Mills
Retired Justice
Massachusetts Appeals Court

​​Anne Patricia Minicozzi
Adjunct Professor
Villanova University

Elsie Miranda
Director of Accreditation
The Association of Theological Schools

Sr. Pam Mitchell, OP
Leadership Council
Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa

Kevin C Molloy
Adjunct Faculty
Fairfield University

Rev. Joseph Monahan, TOR
Director of Pastoral Care
Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital

Maurice Monette

Xavier Montecel
Adjunct Faculty
Boston College

Catherine Mooney
Associate Professor of Church History
Boston College

Rev. Terrence Moran
Director of the Office of Peace, Justice, and Ecological Integrity
Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth

Bruce Morrill
Edward A. Malloy Chair in Roman Catholic Studies
Vanderbilt University

Diane Batts Morrow
Associate Professor Emerita
University of Georgia

Karen Mortillaro
Director of Mission and Identity
Ursuline Provincialate USA Central Province

Sr. Kathlyn Mulcahy, OP
Executive Director
Bethany House of Hospitality

Sr. Coralie Muzzy, CSJP
Director of Vocations and Formation
Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace

Rev. William Murphy
Mother of Mercy House, Philadelphia, PA

Rev. Joe Muth
Catholic Chaplain
Notre Dame of Maryland University

Rev. Zacchaeus Maria Naegele, OSB Carm
Assistant to the Prior
New Camaldoli Hermitage

Rev. Joseph Nangle, OFM
Minister to the Latinx Community
Our Lady, Queen of Peace, Arlington, VA

Rev. Joseph Nassal, CPPS
Retreat Director, Renewal and Reconciliation Ministry
Missionaries of the Precious Blood

Sr. Catherine Nerney, SSJ
Director of Institute for Forgiveness and Reconciliation
Chestnut Hill College

Diann Neu
Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics, and Ritual

Mark Neuhengen
Director of Evangelization and Parish Ministry
St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Parish, Chicago, IL

Bobby Nichols
University of Notre Dame

Jon Nilson
Professor Emeritus
Loyola University Chicago

Michael Norko
Yale University School of Medicine

Michael Norrie
Director of Support Services
Ascend Hospice

Dawn M. Nothwehr, OSF
John Family Chair of Catholic Ethics
Catholic Theological Union

Mary J. Novak
Executive Director
NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice

David O’Brien
Professor Emeritus
College of the Holy Cross

Rev. David O’Leary
Good Shepherd Parish, Wayland, MA

Br. Jerry O’Leary, CFX
Justice Advocate
Xaverian Brothers

Rev. Seamus O’Looskan
Deacon and School Leader
Sacred Heart and St. Margaret Mary, Leicester

Thomas O’Loughlin
Professor Emeritus
University of Nottingham

Rev. Dennis O’Neill
St. Martha of Bethany Church/Shrine of All Saints, Morton Grove, IL

William O’Neill
Professor Emeritus
Santa Clara University

Kaya Oakes

Stanislaw Obirek
University of Warsaw

Carlota Ocampo
Trinity Washington University

Benjamin Oh
Rainbow Catholics InterAgency for Ministry

Amy Omi
Minister for Liturgy and the Arts
Dominican University

Amirah Orozco
University Minister
Dominican University

Rev. Lionel Pacheco
Associate Pastor
Immaculate Conception Monastery Parish Church, Jamaica, NY

Melissa Pagán
Associate Professor
Mount Saint Mary’s University

Rev. Joseph Palacios
Contributing Fellow, Center for Religion and Civic Culture
University of Southern California

Rev. Edward L. Palumbos
Pastor Emeritus
Church of the Assumption, Fairport, NY

Alfred Pang
Independent Scholar

Sr. Pat Parachini, SNJM
Professor of Pastoral Theology, Retired
Sisters of the Holy Names

Br. Ralph Parthie, OFM
Director of Friar Life
Franciscan Province of the Sacred Heart

Susie Paulik Babka
Associate Professor
University of San Diego

Sr. Betsy Pawlicki, OP
Leadership Council
Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa

Rev. John T. Pawlikowski, OSM
Professor Emeritus
Catholic Theological Union

Stephanie Peddicord
Center for FaithJustice

Martin Pendergast
LGBT+ Catholics Westminster, UK

Joseanne Peregin
Drachma Parents Group, Malta

Michael Perry
Robert W. Woodruff Professor of Law
Emory University

Rev. Sy Peterka, CM
St. Vincent DePaul Catholic Church, Philadelphia, PA

Sr. Joy Peterson
Counselor, Congregational Leadership Team
Sisters of the Presentation, Dubuque, IA

Jim Petosa
Professor Emeritus
Boston University

Rev. Christopher Pett

Rev. Gian Paolo Pezzi, Mccj
Coordinator, Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Commission
Comboni Missionaries

Sarah Phelps
General Counsel
Trinity Washington University

Rev. William Piletic, CM
De Paul Universty

Linda Pinto

Rev. James Piszker
Interim Director of Campus Ministry
Mercyhurst University

Dolly Pomerleau
Quixote Center

Stephen Pope
Boston College

James Porter
Miami University

Rev. Paul J. Portland, SDS
Society of the Divine Savior

Christopher Pramuk
University Chair of Ignatian Thought and Imagination
Regis University

Sr. Helen Prejean, CSJ
Executive Director
Ministry Against the Death Penalty

Michael Prendergast
Adjunct Instructor
University of Portland

Rev. Richard Prendergast
St. Gertrude Parish, Chicago, IL

Rev. John Prior, SVD
Ledalero Institute of Philosophy

Rev. Stephen Privett, SJ
President Emeritus
University of San Francisco

Rev. Christopher Promis, C.S.Sp
Formator, retired
Congregation of the Holy Spirit

Bernard P. Prusak
Professor, Historical and Systematic Theology
Villanova University

Andrew Radde-Gallwitz
Associate Professor
University of Notre Dame

Darrell Radson
Dean and Professor
Benedictine University

James Rauner
Diocese of Kalamazoo

James Reding
Catholic Dialogue Consultant
Human Rights Campaign

Lis Regula
University of Dayton

Conor Reidy
Campus Minister
Manhattan College

Emily Reimer-Barry
Associate Professor
University of San Diego

Lisa Reiter
Director of Campus Ministry
Loyola University Chicago

Kathryn Reklis
Associate Professor
Fordham University

Elaine Rendler
George Mason University

Rev. Maurice Restivo, CSB
Windsor Heritage Catholic Family of Parishes, Canada

Sr. Nancy Reynolds, SP
Canonical Consultant
Sisters of Providence of St. Mary of the Woods

James K. Riley
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Long Island University

Callie Rimpfel
Dean of Students
Misericordia University

Mary Ritter
Member, LEAD Ministry
St. Matthew’s Church, Baltimore, MD

Tom Roberts
Former Editor
National Catholic Reporter

Jim Robinson
Clinical Lecturer
Iona College

Br. Joseph Roccasalva
St Jude Parish, New Lenox, IL

Mary M. Doyle Roche
Associate Professor
College of the Holy Cross

Nita Rodrigues
Spiritual Chairperson
Catholic Women’s League, Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Council

Carlos Rodriguez
Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Gerardo Rodriguez
Assistant Professor
St. Norbert College

Richard Rodriguez

Pablo Rodriguez-Bilella
CONICET (National Research Council of Argentina)

Sr. Cecile Roeger, OP
Promoter of Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation
Dominican Sisters of Houston

Mary Rogers
Co Leader, ARISE! LGBTQ+ Ministry
St. Ann Catholic Church, Hagerstown, MD

Marian Ronan
Research Professor
New York Theological Seminary

Deborah Rose-Milavec

Susan A. Ross
Professor Emerita
Loyola University Chicago

Fran Rossi Szpylczyn
Writer and Retreat Director

Nancy Rourke
Associate Professor
Canisius College

Bernadette Rudolph
Program Director
Cranaleith Spiritual Center

Janet Ruffing
Professor Emerita of the Practice of Spirituality
Yale Divinity School

Marc Rugani
Assistant Professor
Saint Anselm College

Stephen Rumler
Director of Music
St Peter Catholic Church, Douglas, MI

Sr. Gayle Rusbasan, OSF
Assistant Director of Ministry
University of St. Francis

Joanne Rutkowski
Professor Emeritus
The Pennsylvania State University

Gregory Ryan
Assistant Professor
Durham University

Virginia Ryan
College of the Holy Cross

Therese Sabine
St. Patrick Refugee Outreach, Dallas, TX

Todd Salzman
Amelia and Emil Graff Chair of Catholic Theology
Creighton University

Rev. Alexander Santora
Pastor and Dean
The Church of Our Lady of Grace & St. Joseph, Hoboken, N.J.

Valerie Sayers
Professor Emerita
University of Notre Dame

Rev. Dennis Schafer, OFM
St Patrick Parish, Indianapolis, IN

Anna Floerke Scheid
Associate Professor
Duquesne University

Br. Joseph Scheiter, FSC
Professor Emeritus
De La Salle University

Judith Schiavo
Spiritual Director and Retreat Facilitator
Loyola Jesuit Center and Mariandale Retreat Center

Anna Schmidt
Adjunct Instructor
Saint Louis University

Rev. Les Schmidt
Bishops’ Liaison
Catholic Committee of the South

Mallory Zolyan Schmitt
President & Executive Director
CITI Ministries

Mary L. Schneider
Cardinal Stritch University

Nathan Schneider
Assistant Professor
University of Colorado Boulder

 Sandra M. Schneiders, IHM
Professor Emerita
Jesuit School of Theology at Santa Clara University

Rev. Peter Schuessler, SDS
Vicar Provincial and Director of Formation
Society of the Divine Savior

Rev. Jack Schuler
St. Cronan Parish, St. Louis, MO

Valerie Schultz

Paul Schutz
Santa Clara University

Tara Segal
Assistant Director, University Ministry
Dominican University

Joseph Selling
Professor Emeritus
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Sr. Colleen Settles, OP
Leadership Council
Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa

Carolyn Shalhoub
Vice President and Liturgy Coordinator

Sr. Teresa Shaw, SSJ
Congregational Leader
Sisters of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia

Theresa Shepherd-Lukasik
Director of Adult Faith Formation
St. Joseph Parish, Seattle, WA

John Sheveland
Gonzaga University

Robert Shine
Associate Director
New Ways Ministry

Rev. Timothy Shreenan, OFM
St. Patrick-St. Anthony Church, Hartford, CT

Carl Siciliano
Ali Forney Center, NY

Sr. Patricia Siemen, OP
Leadership Team
Adrian Dominican Sisters

John Sivalon

Paulette Skiba, BVM
Clarke University

Maggie Slaughter
Associate Instructor
Indiana University

Vincent Smiles
College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University

Rev. Thomas Smith, CSW
Archdiocese of Newark

John Sniegocki
Xavier University

Keith Soko
St. Ambrose University

Christine Somers
Director, Office of Mission, Ministry & Service
Misericordia University

Pat Somers
Assistant Professor
Benedictine University

Jean Soto
Adjunct Faculty
Santa Clara University

Sr. John Michele Southwick
Campus Minister
Marywood University

Sr. Marsha Speth, SP
Formation Director
Sisters of Providence

Mary Steckart
Minister for OUTLOUD and Community Outreach
St. Norbert College Parish

Jason Steidl
Assistant Teaching Professor
St. Joseph’s College

Ted Steiner
Chief Mission Officer and Director of Campus Ministry
Notre Dame College

David Stosur
Cardinal Stritch University

Eric Styles
University of Notre Dame

Rev. Paul Sullivan, SJ
Our Lady of Hope Parish, Portland, ME

Anthony Suárez-Abraham
Adjunct Instructor
Dominican University

Rev. Chris Sullivan
St Mark’s Catholic Church, Auckland, New Zealand

Sr. Betty Sundry, CDP
Director of Social Concerns
Sisters of Divine Providence

Edward Sunshine
Professor Emeritus
Barry University

Sr. Grace Surdovel, IHM
Editory and Faculty
Wilkes University

Jon M. Sweeney
Editor at Large
Orbis Books

Axel Takacs
Assistant Professor
Seton Hall University

Kathleen Talvacchia
Independent Scholar

Elizabeth Taylor
Facilitator of LGBTQ+ Outreach
Holy Family Catholic Church, South Pasadena, CA

Laura Taylor
Associate Professor
The College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University

Karen Teel
University of San Diego

Sr. Emily TeKolste, SP
Grassroots Mobilization Coordinator

Amanda Thompson
Director of Catholic Campus Ministry
DePaul University

J. Milburn Thompson
Professor Emeritus
Bellarmine University

Tracy Tiemeier
Associate Professor
Loyola Marymount University

Terrence Tilley
Professor Emeritus
Fordham University

Rosemarie Tong
Professor Emerita
University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Jacob Torbeck
Loyola University Chicago

Daniel Torres
Ohio University

Cristina Traina
Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J. Chair of Catholic Theology
Fordham University

Yunuen Trujillo
Religious Formation Coordinator (Spanish)
Catholic Ministry with Lesbian and Gay Persons

Mary Turgi, CSC
Chair, Justice Committee
Sisters of the Holy Cross

Edward Vacek
Duffy Professor of Christian Ethics
Loyola University New Orleans

O. Ernesto Valiente
Associate Professor
Boston College

Elisabeth Vasko
Associate Professor
Duquesne University

Michael Vazquez
Religion and Faith Director
Human Rights Campaign

Christopher Vella
Drachma LGBTI

Sr. Joetta Venneman
Director, Office of Social and Environmental Justice
Sisters of Charity of Nazareth

Andrea Vicini, SJ
Michael P. Walsh Professor of Bioethics
Boston College

Enric Vilà Lanao
Centre LGBTI of Barcelona

Christopher Vogt
Associate Professor
St. John’s University

Jim Vogt
Executive Director
Marianist Social Justice Collaborative

James Walters
Director, Campus Ministry
St. John’s University, NY

Dale Weaver
Associate Chaplain
Ascension Mercy Hospital

Rachel Wheeler
Assistant Professor
University of Portland

C. Vanessa White
Associate Professor
Catholic Theological Union

Mary Whiteside
Director of Adult Faith and Pastoral Care
Holy Family Parish, Chicago, IL

Emil Wick
Director, LGBTQ+ Spirituality Ministry
St. Thomas More Catholic Church, Oceanside, CA

Rev. Thomas Wilhelm
Voluntas Dei Institute, USA

Gary Wills
Professor Emeritus
Northwestern University

Megan Wilson-Reitz
John Carroll University

Rev. Stuart Wilson-Smith, CSP
Associate Pastor
Old St. Mary’s Church, Chicago, IL

Rev. Jeffrey Wocken, SDS
Provincial Superior
Society of the Divine Savior

Barbara Wodynski
Monastery of St. Gertrude

Catherine Woolf

Rev. Richard Woods, OP
Professor of Theology
Dominican University

Martin Yelle
Director of Mission
Sanctuaire Notre-Dame-du-Cap

Mark Yenson
Associate Professor
King’s University College

Sandra Yocum
Endowed Chair
University of Dayton

Johnny Zokovitch
Executive Director
Pax Christi USA

Sacred Heart University Endorsers

Names are listed alphabetically by last name. Institutional affiliation for identification purposes only.

Sasha Aaronson
Clinical Assistant Professor

Michael Alfano
Dean, Isabelle Farrington College of Education

Joe Alicastro
Director, Masters in Journalism and Media Production

Funda Alp
Executive Director, Office of Sponsored Programs

Jeanine Andreassi

Jennifer Arsan-Siemasko
Clinical Assistant Professor

Elizabeth Baker
Systems & Data Support Administrator

Laura Ballou
Director of Majors Gifts

Fritz Barionette
Clinical Assistant Professor and Field Liaison

Todd Barnes

Jim Barquinero
Senior Vice-President

Jeffrey Barrett
Risk Manager

Julia Bates

Barbara Benjamini
Adjunct Professor of Catholic Studies

Sajal Bhatia
Associate Professor

Lori Bindig Yousman
Associate Professor

Joanne Bortone
Associate Dean

Janet Boughton
Music Department

Rachel Bowman

Kierran Broatch
Executive Director, University Advancement

Stephen Brown
Assistant Professor

Emily Bryan

Rebekah Byrd

Shirley Canaan
Vice President

Patricia Carl-Stannard

Brian Carolan

Catie Carringan

Elizabeth Carter
Assistant to the General Counsel

James Castonguay

Vinny Cataudella
Associate Dean

Cathleen Caufield
Associate Professor

Robin Cautin
Acting Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Deborah Chute
Executive Director, Visual Communications

Carmelo Cicero
Director of Capital Projects

Matthew Cimino
Assistant Director, Liturgical Choir

Renata Cioffi
Director of Library Information and Budget

John Clark

Ludivina Cometa
Nursing Clinical Supervisor

Mark Congdon
Assistant Professor

Sara Connolly
Assistant Dean

Cynthia Conte

Megan Crognale
Adjunct Instructor

Elizabeth Cross
Program Manager

Bronwyn Cross-Denny
Associate Professor

Nicole Cruse
Assistant Professor

Jennifer Cullinan

A. Rima Dael
General Manager, WSHU Public Radio

Karen Daley

Debbie Danowski
Associate Professor

Joanne David
Assistant Registrar / Graduation Services

Tracy Deer-Mirek
Associate Director

Sue DeNisco

James Deveau
Adjunct Professor

Mary Alice Donius
Special Assistant to the President

Christine Douville
Clinical Assistant Professor

Charles Dowd
Deputy Athletic Director

Virginia Doxsey
Assistant Director of Student Union

Davis Dunavin
Adjunct Instructor

Judith Dwyer
Project Future Coordinator

Cara Erdheim Kilgallen
Associate Professor

D. Cenk Erdil

Ann-Marie Evans
Clinical Assistant Professor

Victoria Ferrara

Heather Ferrillo
Assistant Professor

Deanna Fiorentino
Education Administrator

Daria Fitzgerald
Adjunt Instructor

Karen Flanagan
Coordinator of Peer Education

Kim Foito
Clinical Assistant Professor

Henry Foss
Manager, Security Infrastructure

Michael Fraser
Associate Director, Undergraduate Admissions

Daniel French
Adjunct Faculty

Aaron Gaberman
Athletic Communication Coordinator

Analisa Gagnon
Assistant Professor

Art Gerckens
Manager, SHU PAD

Mike Giarratano

Constance Glenn

Anna Goddard

Jennifer Goldwag
Adjunct Faculty

Hema Gopalakrishnan

Sidney Gottlieb

June-Ann Greeley
Associate Professor

Jean Guillaume

Robin Hands
Associate Clinical Professor

Robert Hardy
Vice President for Human Resources

Amanda Harmon
Clinical Professor

Keith Hassell
Executive Director, Career and Professional Development

Kelley Hayes
Manager, Accounts Payable

Maria Heath
Adjunct Professor

Sean Heffron
Associate Vice President for Student Success

Sara Helfrich
Director of Student Conduct

Priscilla Hernandez
Academic Department Secretary

Jay Hicks
Assistant Professor

Molly Higbie
Executive Director of Student Success and Engagement

Brian Hogan
Program Coordinator

Cynthia Hojnacki
Adjunct Instructor

Sally Hong
Adjunct Professor

Mel Horton
Associate Dean

Franc Hudspeth
Associate Professor

W. Keener Hughen
Associate Professor

Marie Hulme

Gail Hunt
Adjunct Professor

Michael Iannazzi
Chief of Staff and Vice President

Reynold Jaglal
Clinical Associate Professor

Mary Ellen Johnson
Clinical Assistant Professor

Keith Johntson

Jo-Marie Kasinak

Ann Kelly
Manager, Information Technology

Kate Kelly
Clinical Assistant Professor

Sharlene Kerelejza

Tim Keyes
Adjunct Professor

Elizabeth Koscinski
Adjunct Faculty

Tammy Lampley

David LaRochelle
Assistant Director of Institutional Data

Anthony Latina
Head Coach

Carlie Lavoie
Public Safety Officer

Julie Lawrence
Chief Diversity Officer

Sandra Lee
SVC Program Assistant

John Leonard
Professor and Chair

Cameron LiDestri
Director, Individual Giving

Stephen Lilley

Brent Little
Assistant Professor

Ellen Litwinovich
WSHU Public Radio

Sandi Logan-McKibben
Clinical Assistant Professor

Michelle Loris

Rosemary LoStocco
Adjunct Instructor

Bridget Lyons

Robert Machan
Head Coach

Gregory Madrid
Director, Resident Life

Khawaja Mamun
Associate Dean and Professor

Jessica Mannetti
Head Coach

Christel Manning

Beth Manspeizer
Faculty, Theater Arts

Kelly Marino
Assistant Lecturer

Suzanne Marmo
Assistant Professor

CJ Marottolo
Head Coach

Clair Marrone

Christina Matousek

James McCabe
Associate Professor

Philip McCabe
Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer McLaughlin

Raymond Mencio
Director, Club Sports and Recreation

Caitlin Merritt

Steven Michels
Associate Provost

Matthew Moran

Patti Moran

Chante Moreno
Adjunct Professor

Christian Morrison
Head Coach

Colleen Mulrooney
Director, Student Financial Assistance

Mary Murphy
Executive Director, University Advancement

Erika Murphy
Adjunct Instructor

Katie Nagrotsky
Assistant Professor

Sandy Narciso-Owen
Clinical Assistant Professor

Duy Nguyen
Associate Professor

Deb Noack
Executive Director, Communications

Julia Nofri
Executive Director, Human Resources

Mark Nofri
Head Coach

John Noonan
Public Safety Officer and Dispatcher

Samantha Novack

Amy Novak
Associate Director

Elizabeth Nsadha
Adjunct Professor

Cory O’Connell
Director of Operations

Adam Olsen
Department Chair and Program Director

Victoria Osborne
Assistant Professor

Jason Ostrander
Assistant Professor

Janice Owen
Clinical Assistant Professor

Rupendra Paliwal

Kim Parrett
Director, Regional Admissions

Richard Pate

Shirley A Pavone
WSHU Development Director

Sofia Pendley
Clinical Assistant Professor

Susan Penque
Clinical Associate Professor

Heather Peralta
Adjunt Professor

John Petillo

Christopher Petrosino
Department Chair and Professor

Jennifer Phaiah
Professor Emeritus

Barbara Pierce
Clinical Assistant Professor

Pamela Pillo
Executive Director, Undergraduate Admissions

Domenick Pinto
Graduate Program Director, MSCSIT

Nancy Pires
Assistant to the Dean

Angela Pitcher
University Registrar

Jillian Plummer
Assistant Lecturer

Elizabeth Potenza
Program Assistant

Deirdra Preis
Assistant Professor

Denise Purvis
Adjunct Faculty

Kathy Radziunas
Director, Office of Student Accessibility

Kristin N. Rainville
Associate Professor

Meg Rapaglia
Adjunct Instructor

Maura Rhodes

Judy Ann Riccio
Athletic Director

Sean Riley
Assistant Professor

Kim Roleder
Associate Head Coach

Rene Roselle
Associate Professor

Caitlin Ross

Nicole Roy

Maureen Ruby
Assistant Professor

Reza Sadeghi
Assistant Professor

Jessica Samuolis
Associate Professor

Tina Santiago

Joan Sauvigne-Kirsch
Assistant Clinical professor

Kristen Savell
Assistant Professor

Roger Schulman
Artist in Residence

David Shaenfield
Advanced Lecturer

Anne Shay
Administrative Assistant

Peter Sinclair
Senior Lecturer

Michael Smoose
Director, Athletic Communications and Marketing

Ben St.Martin
Athletic Trainer

James Stavris
Clinical Assistant Professor

Kyle Steinway
Assistant Coach

Brian Stiltner

Geffrey Stopper

Linda Strong
Associate Professor

Anet Surrusco
Manager of Administrative IT

Angela Tauro
Adjunct Professor

Christina Taylor
Professor Emeritus

Len Tomasello

Carolyn Trabuco
Executive in Residence

Elizabeth Tripp

Patrick Turner
Assistant to Mission Integration and Ministry, and Multicultural Affairs

Adam Vance

Patricia Walker
Professor and Dean Emerita

Shery Watson
Assistant Professor

William Watson
Director of Campus Operations and Facilities

Jody Weldon
Administrative Assistant

Annie Wendel
Assistant Director, Volunteer Programs and Service Learning

Larry Wielk
Dean of Students

Kari Williams
Director of Dance

Jennifer Wilson
Clinical Assistant Professor

Matthew Wingert
Academic Advisor

Voytek Wloch
Executive Director, Office of Global Affairs

Sandra Young
Associate Professor

Bill Yousman
Associate Dean

Jonas Zdanys
Poet in Residence

Keith Zdrojowy
Adjunct Professor

Supporting Endorsers

United States


Maegan Reynolds
Beth Saba
Alberto Zorzetto


William Lindsey


Nick De Los Reyes
Jacob DeRusha
Thomas Donlan
Susann Hornbeck
Carol Hubert
John Kimble, Jr.
Allan McWilliams
Margaret Ryan
Kevin John Smith
Steven Stencil
Sophia Swinford
Quan Truong
Rev. Ken Van De Ven
Michael Wautier


Anita Alexander
Gary Joseph Altmanshofer
Julianne Ames
Julia Árce
Alisha Attella-Sevier
Marie Barone
Portia Belo-Borowski
Sharon Bock
Pat Boroughs
Madison Boynton
Marc Brenneman
Kathleen Brewer de Pozos
Paula Bristol
Brian Bromberger
Rev.Les Brown
Marcia Burt
Brian Cahill
Rev. Peter Canavan
Rev.Peter Canavan
Mark Cappetta
Mark Cappetta
Nichole Carrubba
Janet Castaneda
Ellen Celaya
Stephanie Chen
Wendy Clemente
Diane Collison
Arlene Colon
Arlene Colon
Antonio Contreras
James Corrigan
Rev.James Corrigan
Margarita Covarrubias
Benjamin De Los Reyes
Rev. Basil De Pinto
Anastasia Ellis
Kris Eterea
Sandra Even
Wesley Fanelli
Cathy Foxhoven
Elizabeth Freisen
Ann Frobose
Claire G
Rosalyn Gallo
Refugio Godinez
Francis Greaney
Frank and Nancy Greaney
Anita Green
Terese Green
Lenore Greene
John Hager
Doris Hand
Shelby Hebert
Rev. Scott Hill
Patricia Hogan
Mary Huebner
Rev. John Kasper
Thomas Keep
Rev. Nori Kieran-Meredith, ARCWP
Maureen Lahiff
Marc Lim
Rev. Rosa Manriquez, IHM
Christopher Mathews
Mary McConnell
James McCrea
Greg Mellor
Leonardo Mendoza
Sonia Mendoza
John Minck, Sr.
Cynthia Mioduchowski
Damaris Molina
Alejandro Morales
Ericka Moreno
Thomas Mullin
Eric Munson
Jenny Naughton
Dayne Navarro
Jeannie Nestojko
Anthony Neville
Jenny O-R
Ray O’Connor
Jennifer O’Malley
Rhonda Oaxaca
Diane Ollison
Charles Paglia
Ryan Pratt
Patricia Quirarte
Joseph Ramelo
Rev. William Ramos
Hunter Ramp
Barbara Reardon
Kevin Michael Rodríquez
Rev. Paul Rossi
Ish Ruiz
Rev. James Schexnayder
Kathrine Schneider
Karen Schwarz
Stefanie Shackelford
Rev. Donna Shaw
Don E. Siegal
Zachariah Sperry
Deborah Wafer
Gwen Watson
Andrew Williams
Lisa Williams
Andrea Wise
Christine Wise
Richard Wise
Catherine Wolff
Diana Yidi
Kristen Yoo


Robert Anders
Paula Arroyo
Mary Alyce Behrns
Veronica Camargo
Tyler-Mary Casias
Christine Chao
Kathleen Conneen
Andrew Conneen
Rev. Michael DeSciose
Frances Feeney
Ken Fitch
Frank and Jerry Gold
Terrance Kelly
Carrie Lamanna
Christopher Leavens
Eileen Mast
Thomas McCormick
Debbie Miller
Grego Peña-Camprubí
Mel Preusser
Laura Roiger
David Roling
Celeste Rossmiller
Tom Roth
Carol Rush
Paula Sapienza
Mary Sikora
Beth Stewart
Margaret Swahn
Martha Uebelher
William Uebelher
Tricia Williams
Janice Yuvan
Mary Kill
Janet Roberts


David Bike
Richard Broggini
Kara Burritt Huxsaw
Antonia Cordero
Martha DiGiovanni
Mary Espinosa
Erin Fitch
Tom Flynn
Diana Harris
Suzanne LaVoie
Jack Martins
Bonnie Maur
Terry McLaren
Mary Ellen Mohring
Mary Dottie Moon
Pamela Morrison-Wolf
Erica Nieves
Annemarie O’Connor
Meg Rapaglia
Michael Reynolds
Christine Robinson
Rapaglia Scholar
Rev. Saji Thengumkudiyil
Yolanda Troche
John Vila, Jr.
Thaddeus Walewski
Nelson C. Walker, II
Barbara Weber-Chess
Thomas Wilhelm


Agnese Brien
Mary Louise Chesley-Cora
Timothy O’Donoghue

District of Columbia

Carly Anderson
Paul Bedard
Stephen Benzek
Thomas Bower
Ellis Butler
Patrick Canavan
Rev. Peter Daly
Rev. Paul Frechette
Jake Hudson
Robert McKeon
Rev. Alexei Michalenko
Jason Miller
Eileen Moore
Kathleen O’Reilly
Carrie Roling
Jose-Luis Sanchez
Paul Shaya
Natalka Slabyj
Glenn Slocum
Rosemary Strange Winder
Mary Ellen Taylor


Blythe Batten
Jose Bello
Reginald Birks
Julie Butler
Carol Cummins
Dave Fletcher
Mary Flynn
Michael Goldrick
Lawrence Kavanaugh, Jr.
Elizabeth Knoerl
Stan Kutz
Stan Kutz, III
Lauren Lawler
Timothy MacGeorge
Alex Maokes
Paula Mattras
Paula Mattras
George Meyer
Rev. Michael Moran
Rev. Vincent Morton
Rita O’Hara
Claudine Pannell-Goodlett
Michael Penrod
Joseph Perry
Rev. Albert Pike
Linda Roberts
Sam Sinnett
Rev. John Tivenan
Carmen M. Villafañe
Terrance Wagner


Erik Lee-Ryan
William Ramsey, Jr.
Rev. Bruce Wilkinson


Tamra Bieber
Judith Butler
Deacon Arthur Dodson, Jr.


Mary Lu Callahan
Sally Deckard
Josephine DeVries
Hannah Eby
Shannon K. Evans
Kathy Glatz
Charles Glatz
Debbie Gross
Nancy Knipper
Rev. John Ludwig
Mary Moothart
Tim Moothart
April Pearson-Decklever
Mimi Resnick
John Tenhundfeld
Michelle Watters


James Andrews
Rev. Tom C. Borkowski
Anne Bosslet
Alan Bosslet
Mary Bowers
Zabrina Burford
Jacob DeMarais
Rev. Lawrence Dowling
Chris Evon
Lauren Fair
Rick Garcia
Marlene Gershon
Patricia Guillen
Ann Guthrie
Mary Jo Hazard
Susan Hickman
John P. Hilgeman
Melissa Howlett
Dietgard Hunsley
Marty Kenahan
Kelly Klauser
Debra Kowalczyk
Debra Kowalczyk
Karen Lundy
Rev. Patrick Lyons
Kathleen Maas Weigert
Karen Meehan
Stephen Modde
Rose O’Brien
Barbara Parot
John Paulett
Ted Perez
James Popp
Maureen Powers
Sarah Probst Miller
Mary Ann Reed
Jo Richardson
Mary Savitsky-Ulowetz
Mary Schleitwiler
Matt Tedeschi
Tom Thomas
Wayne Vanek
Barb Vicory
Connie Vincent
Richard Wrede
Stacey Wronski
K. Lyn Wurth
Henrietta Yardley


Meli Barber
Darryl Barthe, Sr.
Julia Chismar
Jaclyn Falkenstein
Andy Falkenstein
Kevin Flood
Emily Garvey
Cathy Hoffmann
John and Joan Houk
Jeanne Kalvar
Deeb Kitchen, II
Annette Magjuka
Daniel Mandell
Cynthia Martz
Henry Mascotte
Bobby Nichols
Rev. Marty Peter
Jane Pitz
Katie Riney
Maggie Slaughter
Sarah Stelzner
Carolyn Stobba-Wiley
Susan Weber


Kenneth Bergman
Abby Carney
Jennifer Nielsen
Scotty Zollars


Rev. Thomas R. Clark
Rev. John Curtis
Jo Anne Feldman
Lawrence McPherson
Mary Ann Steutermann
Brandon Swaggart


Rev. Douglas Brougher
Michael Caffery
Rev. William Edwards
Bradley Leger
James Lenox
Katherine Rafferty
L. Ranner
Alex Torres
Maureen Walsh


Helena Alfonzo
Julia Árce
Marylin Arrigan
Sara Bernard-Hoverstad
Chuck Colbert
Jeanne Connors
Joseph Dalelio
Elizabeth A. Donnelly
Jerry Dowsky
Renee Eldredge
Nicholas Fagnant
Brian Geenbaur
Denise Gilardone
Sheila Hanifin
Daniel Indiciani
Amy Kotsopoulos
Danielle Koutsoufis
Kathleen Largey
Tiffany Lee
Enid Levangie
David Lincoln
Yvonne MacCormack
Jane MacDonald
Katie McNally
Kathleen McNamara
Roger Mombourquette
Peggy Newman
Matthew Nguyen
Matthew Olds
Debra Packard
Richard Robert Rivard
Rev. Robert Rochon
Rick Rossi
Rev. Joe Roy
Gonzalo Rubalcaba
Laurie Rucker
Brigid Sheehan
Gerald Sheehan
William Shine
Molly Shine
Annette Shine
Monica Sidor
Rita St. Pierre
Barbara Trudel
Margaret Van Gelder
Patricia Vhay
Elizabeth Walsh


Tom Adams
Michael Barrett
Marie Barry
Lea Billings
Ann Brennan-Zelenka
Mary Bunting
Jessica Cabness
Jessica Cabness
Lisa Carlin
Joseph F. Cecil
Anna Marie Ciarrocchi
Antoinette Conrad
Trudy Conrad
Mercy Coogan
Elaine Crawford
Ruth Davis
Destiny DiMattei
Dolores Downs
John Downs
Rev. Erma Durkin, RCWP
Gerald Fath
Jerry Fath
Rev. Colleen Fay
Kathleen Fettweis
Anna Gallagher
Pat Gorman
Carol Griffith
Mary Gunning
Mari Anne Hamilton
William Harrison
Jane Heil
Mary Fran Hildenberger
Richard Hillis
Susan Hillis
William Hunt
Susan Kerin
Kathryn League
Kathleen Leslie
Kerry Loring
Jacqueline Magness
Harriet Maier
Mark McDermott
Erica McFarland
John McLoughlin
Rita McMullin
Angela Miotto
Jean Mulrooney
Mary Murphy
Robert Murphy
Pamela Murray
Carmen Petruzzi
Mary Jo Piccolo
Lisa Polyak
Rev. D Hilary Ranney-Howes
Dolores Ritter
Patricia Rogers
Susan Rohrer
Anne Russell
Paula Sayers
Rev. Charles Schmitt
Matt Schulte
Meg Siewert
Vernon Smith
Mary Nicholas Sommerfeldt
Kathy Sprague
Clare Stoyell-Mulholland
Peggy Mohler Strahan
Andrea Vespoint


Rod Berger
Katharine Johnson


Rev. William Auth
Lori Csintyan
Mary Davis
Ashley Dietrich
Amy Fielder
Eileen Hickey
Billie Hickey
William Hickey
Lisa M. Hirsch
Michael Hovey
Elizabeth Johnson
Jordan Kennedy
Mary Kenney
Theresa Kurth
Megan Landry
Jon R. Lechner
David Lincoln
Laurie Mayers
Barbara McAdams
Joyce McCabe
Ann McGowan
Amy Park-Goeddeke
Chloe Peek
Mary Frances Ross
Ann Ross
Patrick Sanders
Charles Sears
John Slater
Rebecca Smith-Darner
Nancy Sylvester
Martha Thieneman
Joseph Thilman
Jim Toczynski
Denise Waytes
Amy Wieleba
Mary Winowiecki


Richard Burbach
Katherine DuGarm
Beth Feckter
Michael Flanagan
Trinity Fritz Lawrence
Beth Hentges
Michelle Hirschboeck
Rev. John Hofstede
Deeb Kitchen, II
Sam Ludlow-Broback
Mary Jo Meadow
Michelle Miller LeBlanc
Jamie Moloney
Maureen O’Connor
Rev. Stephen O’Gara
Ron and Myrna Ohmann
Emma Pattock
Sr. Marjorie Rosenau, SSND
Paula Ruddy
Mary Beth Schleif
James Smith
Rev. Dennis Thompson
Nicholas Traxler
Hideki Yamada


McKinnon Skeen


Lauren Baker
Letty Baker
Rev. Fabio Bellentani
Pamela Brown
Nancy Clisbee
Pamela Demasi
Rachel Esser
Jeff Finnegan
Daniel Gatewood
Joe Geist
Chris H
Jeff Hollender
Janice Hughes
Alice Kitchen
Steve Kovac
Jim LaVictoire
Joan Mertens
Rev. Mark Miller
Joann Nowak
Pascal O’Dea
Michelle Stewart
Jean Weber
Laurie Welsch


Judy Fisher
Kate Jones


Roger Cimino
Gina Love-Aguilar
Angela Palmer-Wackerly
Carolyn Silliman


Judith Krum

New Hampshire

Cecelia Ferland
Susan Levesque

New Jersey

Bernice Anglin
Janet Antico
Rocky Balsamo
Nicholas Calamusa
Melissa Chedid
Stephanie Coyne
Michael DeGregory
George EnglishJr.
Cristina Ergunay
Kathleen Fettweis
Laraine Grimaldi
Rev. Edward Lambro
Katherine Leahy
Christina Light
Nicole Mahncke
Peggy Marion
Michael Myers
Brynne Pav
Michael Prescia
Brian Reynolds
Mary Ruppenthal
Joseph Sannino
Nancy Verga
John Verga
Christella Villasenor
Jack Wall
John Wall
Christine Zuba

New Mexico

Emily Heimerman
Megan McKenna
Melissa Mendonca
Michael Milone
Patricia Stelzner
Kimberly Wigmore-Garcia

New York

Michaelangelo Allocca
Mariadolores Alvarez
Robert Anthony
Dale Avers
Elizabeth Begley
Robert Bezy
Benjamin Brenkert
Jesse Brodka
John Bullough
William Butvick
Mary Cahill
John Calhoun
Dorothy Calvani
Elizabeth Cavaluzzo
John Connors
Karen Doherty
Anthony Donovan
William Engleman
Margaret A. Flanagan
Maria Formoso
Denise Fraser
Gillian Frasier
Catherine Furlani
Mary Galeone
Mary Geraghty
Lucille Gervase
Susan Grimes
Terry Hawley Reeder
Elizabeth Jerabeck
Joan Johnston
Beverley Johnstone
Jack Kakolewski
Kathleen Kane
Rev. Paul Kelly
Meg Ksander
Larry Ling
Mary Maddock
Rev. Jim Marsh
Rev. Dennis McDonald
Thomas McGlinchey
Katharine McLoughlin
Thomas McLoughlin
Sheila McMahon
Barbara Mierzwa
Michael Moran
Timothy Murphy
Lisa Nelson
Carol Nesbit
Colleen Nunes
Rev. Thomas Orians
Rev. Ed Palumbos
Rev. Charles Quinn
Bruce Rameker
Rev. Tulio Ramirez
Claire Reid
Roisin Reid
Jacqueline Richard
Joan Riley
Cheryl Rogers
Susan Roll
Eileen Ryan
Michael Scarpa-Burnett
Arnold Schultz
Joanne Scully
Kathleen Shea
Rev. Tom Shea
Kasey Sinha
Mary Smith
Grace Sullivan
Ann Marie Szpakowska
William Tenity
Gloria Ulterino
Daniel Valla
John Vernon
Mark Walko
Mary Yelenick

North Carolina

Catherine Bergstrom
Mary Butler
John Carroll
Barbara Carroll
Janet Csarny
Courtney Dunham
Judy Fahl
Kevin E. Flynn
Anita Gluodenis
Ruth G Gray
Susan Grimes
Patricia Harding
Astrid Jain
Janet A Jezsik
Camilla Martocchia
Margie Mullis
Joanna Patcha
William Pye, Jr.
Thomas Sherratt
Judith Sielaff
Chuck Small
Dan Summerlin
Nicole Summerlin
Leslie Tesch
Janice Valder
Nancy Walker


Debbie Badonsky
Delfin Bautista
Rev. Kathy Bean
Rev. Bernard Bonnot
Lou Brodnik
Marianne Buccini
Benjamin Byrom
Steven Davis, Jr.
Jeannette DeCorpo
Pamela Dolence
Judith Engel
Louise Ewing
Paul Flament
Elisabeth Frey
Joseph Gentilini
Barbara Glasener
Jon Gromek
Maureen Gwynn
Rev. Robert Hare
Heidi Harmer
Ellis Harsham
Edward Hausfeld
Rev. Clarence Heis
Nathan Hess
Katherine Holcomb
Meagen Howe
Tiffany Hunsinger
Katherine Inskeep
Jill Johnson
Jennifer Koroly
Florence Mahoney
Nancy Mancine
Kyle Moninger
Hayley Mosteller
Ginger Needham
Mary OMalley
Emily Piatt
Leo Radel
Mary Ragland
Patricia Reichard
Renee Rosenbeck
Linda Schettler
Robert Schneider
Mary Schneider
George Schoen
Taylor Shook
Rev. Jeffery Sikorski
Sue Stockard
Jerry Stockard
Glen Strobel
Sue Sutton
Marie Sweeney
Anne Wendeln
Rev. Bob Wenz
Katharine Williams
Vicki Williamson
Rev. Richard Young


Florence Balog
Iris Brenk
Rev. Ruth Broeski
Julia Campbell
Steven Childs
Emily Cline
Vona Da Silva
David Gregory
Emily Gumper
Thomas Karwaki
Robert McDonald
Charles Niemann
Ingrid Parmeter
Matthew Pearl
Richard Reid
Rev. Suzanne Avison Thiel
Thomas Welch


John Alicea
John Alices
Dennis Braman
Roberta Brunner
Susanne M. Cassidy
Lawrence Cherelli
Kim Cook
Michael Dann
Mary Dodson Brown
Donna Fischer
Lacie Fischley Michaelson
Michael Flynn
Patricia Harte
Kathleen Jeffers
Jean Kirk
Christy Laub
Fran Leap
SantaMaria Lewis
Jacques Linder
Robert Lord-Schell, Jr.
Karen Lydon
Gerald Mccarry
James McConarty
Paul McIntyre
Richard McIvor
Rev. William Miller
Alecia Moss
Kathi Scully
Steve Smith
Rev. Gregory Swiderski
Andrea Vettori
Mary Whelan

Puerto Rico

Carlos E. Carrasquillo Zayas
Flor Joglar de Gracia

Rhode Island

Bernard McMahon, Jr.
Erin Saiz Hanna

South Carolina

Sara Damewood
Catherine Long
Lolita Reilly


Alfred Dabrowski
Fred Dabrowski
Madeline Martino
Vincent McGrath
Diann Nance
Jo Richardson
Beth Trouy
Greg Walton
Tina Whitley
Richard Whittington, Jr.
Elizabeth Wilson
Rev. Steve Wolf


Anthony Blasi
Brenda Chavez
Rita Cotterly
Evan Evans
Eddie Fischer
Loretta Fitzgerald
Sharon Guild-Stitt
James Hickey
Darve Horak
Heidi Kosak
Diane Kruse
Kathleen Leos
Gabriella Marshall
Hannah Moran
Sophia Moreno
Rev. Thomas Phelan
Francine Puglia
Carolyn Sherry
Jo Soske
Vanessa Stearnes
Raymond Edward Szempruch
Alisenne Turner
Amy White
Sharon Willey
Claire Zolkoski


Rev. Robert Bussen
Joey Marquart
Allen Miller
Amy Schork


Angela Trauth


Mary Bednar
Rev. Kathleen Blank Riether
Donna Campbell
Vanessa Clay-McEntire
Laura Guerrero
Sara Keese
Matt Manion
Rebecca Mazzarella
Mario Mazzarella
Rev. Alexei Michalenko
Gabriela Montequin
Michelle Munson
Paul Pisano
Maria Race
Diana Reing
Patrick Riley
Mary Rock
Robert Stump
Caroline Tobe
Lisa Tuzel
Jeff Vomund
Judith Watta
Christine Williford
Elizabeth Wills

Washington State

Rev. Kathleen Bellefeuille-Rice, RCWP
Larry Brixius
Larry Camarillo
Jodie Capell
Valerie Carlton
Ann Connolly
Joseph Donovan
Brad Elliott
Heidi Erdmann
Thomas Heavey
Patrick Henry
Judith Holter
Luke Janicki
Janet McDermott
Joan Menzies
Elizabeth Menzies-Lang
Greg Miller
Celeste Misko
John Morefield
Keri Pollock
Valerie Ritchie
Jeremy Sasser
Tresa Schmautz
KerriLyn Vander Heyden
Diane S. Whalen, RCWP
Mary Winkes

West Virginia

Concetta Jarzynski
Judith Smith Wilkinson


Kim Bartlett
Lisa Cathelyn
Annemarie Davies
Ellie Red Buffalo Woman Derzay
Ann Diliberti
Rebekah Dubrosky
Nicolette Gross
Kerry Guyette
Robert Johnson
Miram Terez Faustiana Klika
Anita Hallman Kowalski
James LaBelle
Yvonne Mayer
Patricia McKay
Dan Mydy
Anthony Pichler
Joan Plumley
Kar Schmidt Holloway
Marge Sebern
Gary Umhoefer
Mary Kay Wagner
Kelly Waters
Kim Welch
James Wielgosz
Ron Zeilinger


Ruth Davis
Leo Radel

Outside the United States


María de los Ángeles Romero Meza


Fred Bachour
Emma Beach
Edward Chalermmukkanun-Dooley
Peter Gormly
Dominic Hearne
Arthur Inocencio
Jeffrey Kevin
Brent Lammas
Michael Lulan
Tony Robertson


Mary Anne Arnold
Barry Blackburn
Gail Busto
Franca Catenacci
Catherine Cavanagh
Glenn Doughty
Nikolas Filice
Gregory Gillis
Mark Guevarra
Mary Hawkes
Dave Holmes
Rev. Peter LeBlanc
Ross Lonergan
Allen Micus
John Montague
Anne Montgomery
Stephanie Nomellini
John Razulis
Ian Paul Saliba
Rev. Miles Schell
Laura Tapson
Ihor Tomkiw
Elaine Vaughn
Elizabeth Whelan
Tammy Wilson


Maria Segovia
Fernando González
Carmen Luz Güemes Álvarez
Sr. Eugenia Valdés Ossa, RSCJ

Czech Republic

Vlastimil František Pavlů


Ray Kirstein


Hillary Selassi Nutakor


Lou Juarez


Nita Edwards


Adrian Tjandra Wijaya


Linda Elizabeth Ahern
Ana Bermingham-Doran
Patricia Fitzsimons
Norma Gillen
Brian Glennon
Janice Hughes
Soline Humbert
Anthony Neville
Matthew Nguyen
Edel O’Dea
Pascal O’Dea
Timothy O’Donoghue
Jo O’Sullivan
Rosy Wilson


Andrea Ambrogetti
Giuseppe Bongiorni
Paola Brambilla
Paola Canu
Francesco Gagliardi
Paolo Marraffa
Roberta Meraviglia
Innocenzo Pontillo
Barbara Seregni


Carmel Conti


Tyrone So Phay


Franciscus Vervooren

New Zealand

Noella Edwards
Vijaya Nicholas
Louise Shanly
Lyn Smith
Rev. Ronnie Smith


Arooj E. Mariam Antalia


Angelica Gutierrez


Tiago Costa
Cláudio Louro
Petrus Viljoen

South Africa

Fr. Stefan Hippler


José Miguel Forca Greenfield
Joseba Errekalde Lekuona
Rev. Damian Maria Montes Nieto, CSsR
Jon Iñaki Ormazabal Aguirre
Daniel Ramos Seisas

United Kingdom

John Ashman
Guilherme Borges Pires
Anna Casati-Hill
Chris Evans
Rev. Anton Fernandopulle
John Flannery
Anthony Kramers
Rev. Bernárd Lynch
Jim McManus
Martin Pendergast
Juan Juanjo Peris
Paul Teece
Laura Venditozzi
John Waite
George White

Religious are listed by community in alphabetical order then by last name in alphabetical order. Institutional affiliations for identification purposes only.

Adorers of the Blood of Christ

Sr. Anne Irose, ASC
Sr. Hang Pham, ASC
Sr. Miriam Rau, ASC
Sr. Kathleen Reid, ASC
Sr. Kris Schrader, ASC
Sr. Kris Schrader, ASC
Sr. Bernadine Wessel, ASC
Sr. M Alan Wurth, ASC

Adrian Dominicans

Sr. Mary Ward, OP


Rev. John R. Flynn, OSA

Brothers of the Christian Schools

Br. Leonard Marsh, FSC
Br. Joseph Scheiter, FSC

Brothers of the Holy Cross

Br. John Gleason, CSC
Br. George Klawitter, CSC
Br. Joe McTaggart, CSC
Br. Doug Roach, CSC

Carmelite Sisters of Charity

Sr. Maureen Foltz, CCV


Br. Matthew Gummess, O. Carm.
Br. Thomas Murphy, O. Carm.

Congregation of the Holy Cross

Rev. Russell McDougall, CSC
Rev. David Schlaver, CSC
Rev. Norbert Sinski, CSC

Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes

Sister Rhea Emmer, CSA
Sister Cyndi Nienhaus, CSA
Sister Susan Seeby, CSA
Sister Jean Steffes, CSA

Daughters of Charity

Sr. Mary Fran Hildenberger, DC

Divine Word Missionaries

Rev. Kenneth Hamilton, SVD

Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose

Sr. Mary Sean Hodges, OP
Sr. Reina Perea, OP
Sr. Giulii Zobelein, OP

Dominican Sisters of Peace

Sr. Catherine Arnold, OP
Sr. Margie Davis, OP
Sr. Ellen Dunn, OP

Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids

Sr. Carol Gilbert, OP
Sr. Gretchen Sills, OP

Dominican Sisters of San Rafael

Sr. Catherine Murray, OP

Dominican Sisters of Springfield

Sr. M. Gael Daley, OP
Sr. Mila Diaz, OP
Sr. Judith Hilbing, OP
Sr. Bernice Juip, OP
Sr. Linda Sue Noe, OP
Sr. Patricia Stark, OP


Br. Thomas Berube, SSE

Erie Benedictines

Sr. Anne Wambach, OSB

Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, Minnesota

Sr. Bea Eichten, OSF

Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration

Sr. Julia Walsh, FSPA

Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart

Sr. Nancy Kaczmarek, GNSH

Marianist Community

Br. David Betz, SM
Br. Bill Schlosser, SM
Br. A. Brian Zampier, SM

Marist Brothers

Br. Héctor Dessavre Davila

Maryknoll Sisters

Sr. Veronica Schweyen, MM

Missionaries of the Precious Blood

Rev. Frederick Licciardi, C.PP.S
Rev. Mark Miller, C.PP.S.

Missionary Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception

Sr. Anne Marie Raftery, MFIC

Notre Dame Sisters

Sr. Theresa Maly

Oblates of St. Francis de Sales

Rev. Roland Calvert, OSFS

Order of Friars Minor

Br. RJ Abada, OFM
Rev. Richard Baranski, OFM
Rev. Barry Langley, OFM
Br. Jim McIntosh, OFM
Rev. Jay Woods, OFM
Br. Steven Young, OFM
Br. Thomas Zerafa, OFM

Order of Friars Minor, Capuchin

Br. Benjamin Regotti, OFM Cap.

Order of Preachers

Rev. Dominic DeLay, OP

Priests of the Sacred Heart

Rev. Robert Bossie, SCJ

Racine Dominicans

Sr. Kathy Slesar, OP

Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Sr. Irma Dillard, RSCJ
Sr. Joan Gannon, RSCJ
Sr. Diane Roche, RSCJ

Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary

Sr. Maura Keleher, RSHM

School Sisters of Notre Dame

Sr. Anne Marie Gardiner, SSND
Sr. Adaire Lassonde, SSND
Sr. Rea McDonnell, SSND
Sr. Bernadette Marie Ravenstahl, SSND
Sr. JB Schammel, SSND

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth

Sr. Eugenie Coakley, SCN
Sr. Sarah Ferriell, SCN
Sr. Barbara Lammers, SCN
Sr. Marilyn Shea, SCN

Sisters of Charity of New York

Sr. Mary Kay Finneran, SC

Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill

Sr. Joyce Serratore, SC

Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine

Sr. Marian Durkin, CSA

Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Sr. Marie Corr, BVM
Sr. Mary Martens, BVM
Sr. Joellen McCarthy, BVM
Sr. MaryEllen Meckley, BVM
Sr. Diane Rapozo, BVM
Sr. Barbara Reder, BVM
Sr. Sandra Rodemyer, BVM
Sr. Marilyn Wilson, BVM
Sr. Mary Ann Zollman

Sisters of Divine Compassion

Sr. Alice Feeley, RDC

Sisters of Divine Providence

Sr. Barbara McMullen, CDP
Sr. Carol Stenger, CDP

Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth

Sr. Ellen Zak

Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary

Sr. Brigid Baumann, SNJM
Sr. Guadalupe Guajardo, SNJM
Sr. Barbara Pavlic, SNJM
Sr. Sue Woodruff, SNJM

Sisters of the Humility of Mary

Sr. Loretta Rafter, HM
Sr. Susan Schorsten, HM

Sisters of Loretto

Sr. Elizabeth Croom, SL
Sr. Anna Koop, SL

Sisters of Mercy

Sr. Cecilia Baranowski, RSM
Sr. Julie Brown, RSM
Sr. Jeanne Christensen, RSM
Sr. Patricia Colla, RSM
Sr. Patricia Conlan, RSM
Sr. Mary Kay Dobrovolny, RSM
Sr. Mary Galeon, RSM
Sr. Carmela Garofalo, RSM
Sr. Patricia Hartigan, RSM
Sr. Gloria Heese, RSM
Sr. Mary Morey, RSM
Sr. Celeste Nuttman, RSM
Sr. Natalie Rossi, RSM
Sr. Janet Rozzano, RSM
Sr. Karen Scheer, RSM
Sr. Christine Seghetti, RSM
Sr. Kathy Thornton, RSM

Sisters of Notre Dame

Sr. Olivia Maria Latiano, SND
Sr. Geralyn Stenger, SND

Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur

Sr. Denise Curry, SNDdeN
Sr. Jean Stanford, SNDdeN

Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions

Sr. Sandra Steward, RNDM

Sisters of the Precious Blood

Sr. Joyce Kahle, CPPS

Sisters of Providence of St. Mary of the Woods, Indiana

Sr. Maureen Abbott, SP
Sr. Nancy Bartasavich, SP
Sr. Corbin Hannah, SP
Sr. Tracey Horan, SP
Sr. Carol Kimes, SP
Sr. Paula Modaff, SP
Sr. Mary Montgomery, SP
Sr. Carol Nolan, SP
Sr. Dorothy Rasche, SP
Sr. Nancy Reynolds, SP
Sr. Nancy Reynolds, SP
Sr. Beth Wright, SP

Sisters of St. Francis

Sr. Elizabeth Brosmer, OSF

Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross

Sr. Nancy Langlois

Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities

Sr. Donna McGartland, OSF

Sisters of St. Joseph

Sr. Molly Bauer, CSJ
Sr. Nancy Corcoran, CSJ
Sr. Maryann Enright, CSJ
Sr. Janet Fleischhacker, CSJ
Sr. Goretti Germain, CSJ
Sr. Carlotta Gilarde, CSJ
Sr. Jacqueline Goodin
Sr. JeanneMarie Greenen, CSJ
Sr. Maria Hill, CSJ
Sr. Rosemary LaFlaur, CSJ
Sr. Mary Catherine Liston, CSJ
Sr. Mary Ellen Loch, CSJ
Sr. Joan Manuel, CSJ
Sr. Nancy Marsh, CSJ
Sr. Marty McEntee, CSJ
Sr. Marie McKenna, CSJ
Sr. Catherine Nerney, CSJ
Sr. Aubry Osborn, CSJ
Sr. Paula Terese Pilon, CSJ
Sr. Marianne Race, CSJ
Sr. Nina Rodriguez, CSJ
Sr. Joellen Sbrissa, CSJ
Sr. Mary Southard, CSJ
Sr. Mary Ann Wyllie, CSJ

Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart

Sr. Jane Maisey, RSJ

Sisters of the Good Shepherd

Sr. Jane McVeigh, SJBP

Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Sr. Beth Kress, PBVM

Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Sr. Marjorie Polys, IHM
Sr. Helene Cooke, IHM

Society of Jesus

Br. Miguel Ceron Becerra, SJ
Rev. Albert Bischoff, SJ
Rev. Richard Bollman, SJ
Rev. Stephen Privett, SJ
Rev. Robert Ross, SJ
Rev. Mike Sala, SJ
Rev. Damian Torres-Botello, SJ
Br. Denis Weber, SJ

Society of the Sacred Heart

Sr. Joan Gannon, RSCJ
Sr. Gwendolyn Hoeffel, RSCJ
Sr. Mary Kay Hunyady, RSCJ
Sr. Jane McKinlay, RSCJ
Sr. Jane O’Shaughnessy, RSCJ
Sr. Anne Wente, RSCJ

Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland

Sr. Mary Eileen Boyle, OSU
Sr. Anne Marie Diedrich, OSU
Sr. Susan Durkin, OSU
Sr. Pamela Fowle, OSU
Sr. Sheila Marie Tobbe, OSU
Sr. Ruth Urbanski, OSU

Xaverian Brothers

Br. Kenney Gorman, CFX
Br. Ron Santoro, CFX

Unknown Community

Sr. Eunice Antony
Sr. Tony Cavagnaro
Sr. Ginger Downey
Sr. Mary Miner
Sr. Christel Nolan
Sr. Mary Catherine Sullivan

Acceptance Canberra
Affirmed Chicago
All Saints Catholic Church, Syracuse, NY
Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests
Association of United States Catholic Priests
Benincasa Community
Call To Action
Call To Action Maryland
Carlow University
Carmelite Sisters of Baltimore
Carmelites, Province of the Most Pure Heart of Mary
Catholic Church Reform International
Catholic Committee of Appalachia
Catholic Ministry with Gay and Lesbian Persons
Catholics for Choice
Center for FaithJustice
Chiesa Cristiana Vetero Cattolica
CITI Ministries
Congregation de Notre Dame Blessed Sacrament Province
Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd, US Provinces
Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes Leadership Team
Congregation of St. Joseph
Congregation of the Brothers of St. Francis Xavier
Congregation of the Infant Jesus Leadership Team
Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace Leadership Team
CORPUS, National Association for an Inclusive Priesthood
Daughters of Charity
Denis Nzioka News Agency and Service
Dignity Northern Virginia
Dignity/Twin Cities
Dominican Sisters and Associates of Tacoma
Dominican Sisters of Adrian General Council
Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids
Dominican Sisters of Racine, WI Leadership Team
Elizabeth NJ Catholic Worker
Families With Dignity
Family & Friends of LGBTQ+ Ministry, St. Patrick St. Anthony Church, Hartford, CT
Franciscan Sisters of Allegany
Franciscan Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration
Free Spirit Inclusive Catholic Community
Georgetown University Women’s Center
Global Network of Rainbow Catholics
Holy Family Catholic Community, Inverness, IL
Holy Names University
Institute for Sexuality Studies
Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary
JesusGlue Ministries, Inc
Kairos Peace Community
La Tenda di Gionata (Jonathan’s Tent)
Letters to a Young Gay Christian
LGBT Initiative Team, Marianist Social Justice Collaborative
LGBT Ministry Historic Saint Paul Church
LGBTQ Center, Georgetown University
Magis Consulting, LLC
Mary Magdalene Apostle Catholic Community
Ministry with LGBTQ Persons, St Rose of Lima, Gaithersburg, MD
MIssionaries of the Precious Blood – Kansas City Province
National Advocacy Center of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd
NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice
New Ways Ministry
Notre Dame Sisters of Omaha, NE Leadership Team
Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters
Out in the Diocese of Allentown
Out in the Diocese of Allentown
Parish of St. Ignatius of Loyola, Chestnut Hill, MA
Pax Christi Hilton Head
Pax Christi USA
Quixote Center
Rainbow Catholics InterAgency for Ministry
Religious of Jesus and Mary
Resources for Ecumenical Spirituality
Roman Catholic Women Priests Western Region
Sacred Heart University
Saint Mary Magdalen Church, Berkeley, CA
Savie Asbl NGO LGBT PGEL DRCongo
Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary Provincial Council
Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters Leadership Team
Sisters of Bon Secours, USA
Sisters of Charity Federation
Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati
Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Congregational Leadership
Sisters of Charity of New York Leadership Team
Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth
Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Leadership Team
Sisters of Divine Providence
Sisters of IHM, Scranton
Sisters of Loretto/Loretto Community
Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, Institute Leadership Team
Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, IN, Leadership Team
Sisters of Providence of St. Mary of the Woods, IN Justice Coordinating Commission
Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi
Sisters of St. Francis of Rochester, MN
Sisters of St. Francis, Clinton, IA Leadership Team
Sisters of St. Joseph Brentwood NY JPIC Office
Sisters of St. Joseph of Springfield Leadership Team
Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod
Sisters of the Precious Blood Dayton, OH Leadership Team
Social Justice Ministry, St. Ann Catholic Church, Spokane, WA
Society of the Divine Savior, USA Province
St. Catherine University
St. Rose of Lima Pax Christi group
Stewardship Partners Resources
Sts. Francis and Clare, Wilton Manor, FL
Tenda di Gionata
The Catholic Community of Greenbelt – An Intentional Eucharistic Community
The Gay Catholic Blog
The Human Rights Alliance Santa Fe, NM
Tyler Clementi Foundation
U.S. Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph
Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland Leadership Team
VIVA House, Baltimore Catholic Worker
VIVAT International
Women’s Ordination Conference

Saskia Kidd
Dorothy Sadowski
Rev. Joseph C. Spina