At Philly's World Meeting of Families: Not Much Time Given to Homosexuality, But LGBT Catholics Keep Conversation Going

The World Meeting of Families' (WMF) single session on homosexuality was held Thursday afternoon, drawing more than 750 people to the talk featuring a celibate gay man, Ron Belgau, and his mother, Beverley. Read More

Pope Francis' Visit Is Ambiguous on LGBT Issues Thus Far–And It's Not Over Yet

Pope Francis' visit to the United States is well underway, finishing up in Washington, D.C. and on to the United Nations in New York City. Before he addresses the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia this weekend, Bondings 2.0 is taking stock of what he has said thus far as it relates to LGBT issues. Read More

NEWS NOTES: Hopes and Controversies About the World Meeting of Families

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Full Week of Catholic LGBT Events at World Meeting of Families

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Did the Vatican Really Ban Transgender Godparents?

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith's ruling against a trans* man in Spain becoming a godparent quickly became news that the Vatican had barred transgender godparents. Is that, however, really what is happening? If not, what is to be made of this ruling going forward? Read More

New Location and New Opinions on LGBT Catholic Events in Philadelphia

An important location update about the eviction from a Philadelphia Catholic parish of New Ways... Read More

Philly Archbishop Evicts LGBT Events Scheduled for World Meeting of Families; New Ways Ministry and Equally Blessed Respond

New Ways Ministry’s workshop,  “Transforming Love:  Gender Identity from Catholic Perspectives” workshop, which was scheduled... Read More

Archbishop Chaput Responds Negatively to Catholic Mother of Two Gay Sons

Archbishop Charles Chaput responded to a Catholic mother's letter in curt and non-pastoral language, drawing out further the contract between Philadelphia's prelate and his upcoming guest, Pope Francis, at the World Meeting of Families in September. Read More

Ugandan Catholic Priest Calls for a Worldwide 'Sexual Refugee' Program

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Will World Meeting of Families Accept Catholic LGBT Organizations?

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