Love Means More…Or Less

The U.S. bishops' "Love Means More" initiative is much less about having fruitful conversation about love and life, intimacy and commitment, than it is about providing simplistic answers to complex questions and pat refutations of people’s experiences. Read More

U.S. Bishops Appear Poised to Elect LGBTQ-Negative Leaders

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is set to elect a new secretary, as well as six committee chairs next week, when they meet from November 13th to 16th. Most of the candidates skew LGBTQ-negative, once again contrasting the USCCB with Pope Francis' desired way of being church. Read More

U.S. Bishops’ New Mental Health Campaign Rings Hollow for LGBTQ+ People

This message of accompaniment and welcome rings hollow for members of the LGBTQ+ community whose mental health has been impacted by homophobic and transphobic church teaching and policies. Read More

U.S. Bishops Oppose Federal Non-Discrimination Rule for Social Service Providers

The U.S. bishops' conference has lobbied against a proposed federal regulation to stop discrimination against LGBTQ+ people relating to government grants for social services. Read More

Catholic Sister Says Bishop Invoked Her Name in Misleading Way on Transgender Healthcare

A Catholic sister long involved in transgender ministry has said a bishop made misleading claims about communication between them as the U.S. bishops discussed potentially ban gender-affirming care in Catholic hospitals. Read More

Catholic LGBTQ+ Advocates Condemn U.S. Supreme Court Ruling in “303 Creative” Case

Catholic LGBTQ+ advocates have criticized the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in 303 Creative, which ruled that a web designer could refuse services to queer couples based on the designer's Christian beliefs, and could do so regardless of any otherwise-applicable non-discrimination laws. Read More

U.S. Bishops Vote for Process that Could End Gender-Affirming Care at Catholic Hospitals

The U.S. bishops voted unanimously at their spring assembly last week to begin revisions of their medical guidelines that could lead to gender-affirming care being offered at Catholic hospitals. Read More

U.S. Bishops Should Condemn Anti-LGBTQ+ Violence, Not Charitable Drag Queens

Leaders of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops have added their criticism against the Los Angeles Dodgers for honoring a controversial LGBTQ+ group during the team's Pride Night tomorrow, the latest intervention in a controversy that has lasted weeks. Read More

U.S. Bishops Will Vote on Hospital Guideline Revisions that Could Ban Gender-Affirming Care

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops will vote at their spring assembly this week on whether to ban gender-affirming care for transgender people at Catholic hospitals. Read More

Catholic Groups, Including USCCB, Seek Halt to Federal Protections for Transgender Athletes

Three Catholic organizations, including the U.S. bishops' conference, have asked the U.S. Department of Education to halt efforts to protect transgender athletes in schools. Read More