U.S. Catholic Includes Transgender Woman’s Voice in Gender Equity Article

A Catholic publication has included a transgender woman and other LGBTQ+ advocates in an essay about whether church leaders are actually attentive to issues of gender, in the Synod on Synodality and otherwise.  Read More

How Do You Dialogue With a Bully?

Without restorative justice, “we're just asking the wounded to ignore their own wounds, and fostering the kind of neutrality that serves the oppressor.” Read More

Editor of “U.S. Catholic” Urges Faithful to Embrace and Love Transgender Youth

"Every trans child and teenager struggling under these new laws was created and is beloved by God." —Emily Sanna Read More

Contemporary Social Issues Impact Sainthood Causes, Including Fr. Mychal Judge

A recent article in U.S. Catholic examined how sainthood—and the causes for canonization specifically—are impacted by contemporary issues, citing Fr. Mychal Judge's causes as one example. Read More

Catholics Must Enter the ‘Narrow Gate’ of LGBTQ+ Inclusion, Writes Author

Reading the gospels and taking Jesus’ words seriously can be a task that disturbs and disquiets us as much as it provides comfort and strength. More often than not, the parables and sermons recorded in Scripture offer surprising and challenging demands for attempting to live a Christian life. Read More

Queerness Is Integral to Catholic Discussions of Family and Amoris Laetitia

Queerness needs to be urgently centered and made visible as we listen and learn from the body of Christ. Read More

Fr. Martin’s Second Edition Keeps the LGBT Conversation Moving

“It dawned on me that it’s having someone in a collar say these things, from the pulpit that is really resonating with people” Read More

Catholic Responses to Supreme Court Decisions Continue to Pour In

The euphoria over yesterday’s Supreme Court decisions on marriage equality is continuing unabated by Catholics... Read More

Contradictions in Catholic LGBT Teaching and Practice

    Contradictions in hierarchical attitudes towards LGBT issues and people were the theme of... Read More

ALL ARE WELCOME: An Open Door Policy for Catholic Schools

The ALL ARE WELCOME series is an occasional feature  which examines how Catholic faith communities... Read More