Caribbean Church Leaders Affirm Pope Francis’ Call to Decriminalize Homosexuality

Two Catholic leaders in the Caribbean have recently stated their agreement with Pope Francis’ declaration earlier this year that homosexuality is not a crime, though both leaders reiterated negative church teachings on sexual ethics. Read More

Caribbean Archbishop Offers Partial Defense of Pride Month as a Social Justice Issue

The archbishop of a Caribbean nation has called gender ideology “diabolical” because, he says, it goes against the “understanding of the human person." At the same time, he acknowledged the need to stop discrimination against LGBTQ people, especially in the Caribbean.  Read More

NEWS NOTES: Lesbian Choir Sings at Catholic Shrine; Fired Church Worker Inspires New LGBT Group; and More

Today's post features short news notes including a lesbian choir performing at a Catholic shrine, a new LGBT group formed by a fired church worker's students, and a teacher in Milan who promoted reparative therapy to teenage boys. Read More

Archbishop’s Criticism of Anti-LGBT Criminalization Law Reveals a Need for More Education

A Carribean archbishop has come out against anti-LGBT criminalization, saying that while homosexuality is immoral, it should not be illegal. Read More

Trinidad Archbishop Opens Gay-Inclusive Shelter, Calls for Families to Welcome LGBT Children

The archbishop of the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago is the latest example of the... Read More