Bishop Calls Transgender Day of Visibility a “Source of Division”; And More News

Today's post includes news about one U.S. bishop's objections to Transgender Day of Visibility, the closure of the homophobic website Church Militant, and more. Read More

Easter: Celebrating Visibility for True Identities of Jesus and Trans Folks

Trans folks grapple with visibility. So did Jesus. But not on Easter. Read More

Catholic Sisters to Trans Community: “We’re Going to Find a Way to Be There With You”

“We know that you're whole as you are,” says Sr. Barbara Battista, “and we're going to find a way to reach out to you and to be there with you.” This was with the message a group of Catholic women religious wanted to send to the trans community on this year’s Transgender Day of Visibility in March. Read More

6,000+ Catholic Sisters Issue Statement of Solidarity with Transgender Community

Over two dozen communities of women religious have endorsed a statement of solidarity with transgender people in a moment when trans and nonbinary are increasingly under oppressed in civil society and the church. Read More

For Trans Day of Visibility, A Telling of “The Parable of the White Sneakers”

Jesus would not be on the side of those who belittle and demean transgender people and their experiences. Read More

Letting the Kin-dom of God Shine Brightly with the Light of Transgender Visibility

“Bless me Father, for I have sinned,” I nervously spoke to the priest sitting next to me. He nodded and waited for me to continue, but suddenly my tongue felt foreign in my mouth Read More

Two Bishops, Other Church Leaders Issue Letter to Transgender People: “God Loves You”

Two bishops and other church officials issued a letter on Transgender Day of Visibility last week that condemned anti-trans discrimination and violence. Read More