Fr. James Alison: LGBTQ+ Blessings Will Expand Inclusion While Preserving Unity

“The Church is for sinners.” With this statement, gay priest and theologian James Alison summarizes the underlying message of Fiducia Supplicans and explains the document’s significance will “open a way forward that will allow LGBT Catholics to be listened to on their own terms while maintaining the unity of the Church.” Read More

On Synodality and Awakening

Are we awake? Is the Church awake? Is the Church a foolish bridesmaid or a wise one? Read More

In Historic First, Leader of Vatican’s Synod Office Addresses LGBTQ Audience

In an historic first, a Vatican official spoke to an audience of LGBTQ Catholics this past Sunday, encouraging them to participate in the synodal process while also learning about their experiences. Read More

Amoris Laetitia: A Beta Test for Synodality

I see four lessons from AL that can prepare LGBTQ Catholics for the coming worldwide synodal process. Read More

How the Next Synod Treats LGBTQ Catholics Will Be Its Most Telling Indicator of Success

The Vatican announced this week that the next Synod of Bishops gathering in 2022 will be on the theme of "synodality." But as preparations begin, a looming question over the proceedings will be, once again: are LGBTQ people to be included? Read More

QUOTE TO NOTE: Bishop McElroy Issues Condemnation of Judgmentalism in Church

In a recent address, San Diego's Bishop Robert McElroy sharply condemned judgementalism, particularly in the church, and warned of the damage such an attitude inflicts, particularly on the retention of young Catholics. But he stopped short of naming what is at the core of judgmentalism in the U.S. church today: LGBTQ-negative teachings and practices. Read More