“The Beatitudes Have Become a Balm for My Queer Soul”

To other queer folx, I hope you hear in the Beatitudes an affirmation of your journey. Read More

Being LGBTQ+ and Glorious in God’s Sight

These are words that all of us always want to hear, especially those who have been hurt or excluded by others because of who we were created to be, such as those of us in the LGBTQ+ community. Read More

This Advent, Staking Everything on World Without Anti-LGBTQ+ Violence

This Advent, when faced with so much anti-LGBTQ+ violence and loss, I’m staking everything on the belief that another world is possible. Read More

Discerning Risks for Righteousness in the Here and Now

It’s easier to recognize these champions of truth and the errors of their opponents in hindsight. Discerning action in the present moment, without the help of hindsight, is more difficult Read More

A Solid Wooden Bowl, Beautifully Carved

The wooden bowl tells us the same message. To be rich in what matters to God is to share ourselves and our belongings. To take our abundance and offer it to others. Read More

For Their Sake

"Will you do it for their sake? Will you minister to these people, these queer and trans people, these abortion patients and providers, these parents and children who are now and who are yet to be, these created beings threatened by climate catastrophe? Will you do it for them?" Read More

Facing Anti-LGBTQ Oppression, The Choice to Be a Good Samaritan for Others

LGBTQ+ people, who in the face of oppression, have proven to be Good Samaritans to others. Read More

With God All Things ARE Possible!

A year has now passed since that day, and I reflect on what’s changed since that beautiful Pride Mass at which I preached. Read More

“The Holy Spirit Will Teach You Everything”

It is not a matter of if the Church will one day fully celebrate us as Children of God; it is a matter of when. The Holy Spirit cannot be contained. Read More

New Article Profiles the Spiritual Joy and Innovation of Queer Latinx Catholics

Queer Latinx Catholics are finding new ways to cultivate spiritual joy by placing an emphasis on the Gospels, nurturing personal spirituality, and building supportive relationships. Read More