Pope Reportedly Says Anti-LGBTQ+ Term Again, Yet Affirms Gay Priests’ Goodness

For a second time, Pope Francis has reportedly used an anti-gay term and warned about gay men in seminary during closed-door remarks to a room of clergy. Yet, he is also reported to have met with Fr. James Martin, SJ, and affirmed gay priests. Read More

Pope Francis Replies to Gay Catholic’s Letter: “Go Forward with Your Vocation”

A week after news broke that Pope Francis used an anti-gay term, it is now reported the pope has replied sympathetically to a gay man's letter who described his experience of being rejected from seminary. Read More

Gay People Are Priests. Let Us Give Thanks to the Lord, Our God.

When the official ecclesial stance is such an unhealthy and closeted spirituality, ironically, the behaviors and attitudes that the Pope deplores are what result. Read More

Pope Francis Apologizes for Using Anti-Gay Slur in Discussion of Seminary Formation

Pope Francis has apologized for using a homophobic slang word when speaking to Italy's bishops about whether gay men should be accepted to seminaries. Read More

Episcopalian Bishops Object to LGBTQ-Negative Catholic Group’s Use of Seminary

Episcopal bishops in New York have expressed their opposition to a proposed long-term lease of seminary space to a Catholic group over concerns the group has anti-LGBTQ+ associations, as well as issues around transparency in funding. Read More

Catholic Schools Week: Paving a Queer Way Forward for Ministerial Work

Already, each of us paved our own separate ways through exclusionary sentiments and doctrine in the Church to get to that room.  Read More

Bishop Calls for “Special Vigilance” to Stop Transgender People Entering Seminary

A committee chair at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has claimed that transgender men have been admitted to seminaries, and is seeking new policies to ensure this cannot happen, including the prospect of intrusive medical examinations. Read More

Profile of Gay Priests in Brazil Reveals the High Personal Toll of Repressing One’s Sexuality

A 2020 BBC profile of several gay Brazilian priests offer insights into the church’s approach to  homosexuality in their own ranks and lessons on how the church could evolve. Today’s post will look at the personal toll repression takes on the number of gay priests within the church. Read More

Irish Seminary Leaders Defy Vatican Ban, Welcome Gay Men Called to Priesthood

Leaders of Ireland's main seminary have said they would welcome gay men called to priestly ministry as long as they remained celibate, a statement contradicting the Vatican's instruction banning gay priests. Read More

Pope Francis Seemingly Re-Affirms Ban on Gay Men in Priesthood

Where does Pope Francis really stand on homosexuality? That question is raised in a new way after news both that he affirmed a gay man’s sexual identity as created by God while concurrently warning against gay men entering the priesthood. Read More