German Bishops Appoint New National Commissioner for LGBTQ+ Pastoral Care

In the German church's latest move for LGBTQ+ inclusion, the country's bishops' conference has appointed a prelate to lead queer pastoral care efforts. Read More

“Fiducia Supplicans” Is a Challenge—That Offers Great Hope and Opportunity

Three Catholic leaders sense great hope and opportunity for LGBTQ+ people, as well as for the wider church, in the Vatican’s December 2023 declaration which allowed for blessings of same-gender couples. Read More

Fr. Dan Horan: “Fiducia Supplicans” Is Small, Important Step to LGBTQ+ Visibility

For Franciscan Fr. Daniel Horan, Fiducia Supplicans, the Vatican’s declaration allowing blessings for of same-gender couples, is a small, but important step towards LGBTQ+ visibility in the church. Read More

Pope Says Most Catholics Will “Gradually” Accept LGBTQ+ Blessings; And More News

As the debate over Fiducia Supplicans continues unabated in 2024, so, too, seem to be Pope Francis' interventions about the declaration, which allows blessings for same-gender couples. Today's post features news about the pope's remarks and other developments. Read More

Advocates Keep Rejoicing Over Vatican Approval of Same-Gender Blessings

Today's first post is a round up of reactions to "Fiducia supplicans" from LGBTQ+ advocates that have not yet been covered. Read More

The Church Can Bless Queer Couples. But What’s Actually Possible?

Can the official teaching of the Church come to recognize and value the lives and loves of queer Catholics? Why not? Read More

Blessing LGBTQ+ Couples Is “Real Development” in Church Teaching, Says Vatican

Pope Francis has approved blessing same-gender couples in what the Vatican's doctrinal office referred to as a "real development" in church, emphasizing now that "God never turns away anyone who approaches him!” Read More

New Ways Ministry: Pope’s Blessings Approval Is Early Christmas Gift to LGBTQ+ Catholics

LGBTQ+ Catholics worldwide welcome this early Christmas gift, which brings them much closer to being full and equal members of the Church they love so dearly. Read More

What’s Wrong With Pope Francis’ Same-Gender Blessings Support?

“Pastoral prudence” ducks the real question. Read More

As the Synod Begins, The Walls Come Tumbling Down

If anyone worried that LGBTQ+ issues were going to get short shrift in synod discussions, that does not seem to be the case. Read More