At the Well, Alex Meets Grace and Finds Love

In the following dialogue, I place myself in the role of the Samaritan woman who, considering she is going to the well at midday, instead of the morning with the rest of the community, has been shunned by society and keeps herself hidden to avoid any ridicule. Read More

Thirsty for Living Water

If only the Samaritan woman were like all the other women in the town… if she had had a reputable past… if she subscribed to the social and moral mores of Samaria, and held her tongue, especially in the company of men, she would not have encountered Jesus. Read More

Coming Out to Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus

For Ash Wednesday and the Sundays of Lent, Bondings 2.0 is presenting spiritual reflections from a diverse... Read More

Transgender Awareness Week: Promote Wholeness for All in Our Church

This week, November 14th-20th is Transgender Awareness Week in the United States–a time to educate... Read More

QUOTE TO NOTE: Pope Francis on Overcoming Prejudice

At the Angelus service at the Vatican on Sunday, March 23rd, Pope Francis spoke eloquently... Read More