In Reversal, Calgary Catholic Schools Ban “Safe Space” Stickers

A Canadian Catholic school district has reportedly banned the use of "safe space" stickers in classrooms, contradicting the goals of the provincial teachers association. Read More

Sweat the Small Stuff

These small steps are easy to sneer at as performative or vacuous, and they can be without ongoing learning and change. But more so they are little hints of divine queer futurity, signs of another possible world. Read More

Catholic School Community Objects to LGBTQ-Negative Parents’ Outburst at Meeting

Catholic school teachers, administrators, parents, and students in Ontario, Canada, have strongly objected to a group of anti-LGBTQ+ parents who disrupted a school board meeting because some teachers were using “safe space” stickers to demonstrate welcome for LGBTQ+ students.  Read More

Catholic Schools in Scotland to Have LGBT Safe Spaces

To better support LGBT students, every secondary Catholic school in Scotland will soon have a safe... Read More