Queer Theology Offers the Church LGBTQ+ Affirmation—And So Much More

"U.S. Catholic" asked readers late last year to complete a survey answering the question, “Is queer theology compatible with Catholicism?” Now the results have been released. Read More

Catholic Magazine Asks Readers: “What Does ‘Queerness’ Mean to You?”

A Catholic magazine is asking readers to complete a survey answering the question, “Is queer theology compatible with Catholicism?” Read More

Queerness Must Be “Essential Component of the Synodal Journey,” Argues Gay Theologian

A gay theologian has argued that queerness and queer theology must be "an essential component of the synodal journey" ahead of the Synod on Synodality's first global assembly this October. Read More

Knowing the Divine in the Trinity and Queer Time

I think this “neither here nor there,” non-linear approach to time has important meanings for how we are to live as Catholics, and I think that Queer Catholics are particularly knowledgeable of this way of living. Read More

Saint Mary’s College Students Respond to Peer’s LGBTQ-Negative Public Letter

In a letter to a Catholic college newspaper, a group of students have publicly refuted another student’s exclusionary rhetoric and mischaracterization of queer theology which called the school’s Catholic identity into question. Read More

LGBTQ Equality Should Be Part of Pope Francis’ Vision for the Post-Pandemic World

Pope Francis has invited the world to consider how we can build a post-pandemic "collective future" free from inequality. As we heed the pope's message, we must also add that the collective future—both for the church and the world—must include equality for LGBTQ people. Read More

Theologian’s Writing on Queer Jesus Are “Highly Offensive and Blasphemous,” Says Bishop

A bishop has described a theologian's decade-old, LGBT-informed writings on the New Testament as "highly offensive and blasphemous," igniting a controversy that has made sensational headlines but with little basis. Read More

We Are Not in the Tomb But in the Womb

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Are Already Absent LGBT Voices Being Further Silenced in Conversations About ‘Amoris Laetitia’?

  Have Catholics’ analyses of Amoris Laetitia, the recently published exhortation on family by Pope Francis, been... Read More