Argentine Nun Endorses Marriage Equality in Church; And More News

Regular readers of Bondings 2.0 will know that since December, the debate over Fiducia Supplicans and blessings for queer couples has dominated Catholic LGBTQ+ news—indeed, it is hard to keep up! Today's post plays a bit of catch up with positive stories from the last few months. Read More

Pope Francis: Condemning LGBTQ+ Blessings While Ignoring Real Injustice Is Hypocrisy

In his latest remarks about blessing same-gender couples, Pope Francis criticized as hypocrites those faithful who seem to negatively obsess about LGBTQ+ people, while ignoring the world's real injustices. Today's post includes this news and more updates on the reception of Fiducia Supplicans that remains ongoing. Read More

It’s Time for Catholics to Follow Pope Francis’ Welcome of Transgender People

Catholics who support LGBTQ+ people are always excited when Pope Francis says something positive. Yet, how often do we follow his example of outreach and support? Read More

Pope Says Most Catholics Will “Gradually” Accept LGBTQ+ Blessings; And More News

As the debate over Fiducia Supplicans continues unabated in 2024, so, too, seem to be Pope Francis' interventions about the declaration, which allows blessings for same-gender couples. Today's post features news about the pope's remarks and other developments. Read More

Disrupting the “In Group”

In their view, to be “chosen” means there must be some people who are left out. Full acceptance without discrimination seems to threaten their own inclusion. Read More

Pope Francis: “Moral Perfection” Not Required for Blessings; And More News

Pope Francis has opined for the second time this year in defense of Fiducia Supplicans, the Vatican declaration allowing blessings for same-gender couples and others in "irregular" situations. Today's post features that news and other updates on reception of the declaration. Read More

Fr. James Alison: LGBTQ+ Blessings Will Expand Inclusion While Preserving Unity

“The Church is for sinners.” With this statement, gay priest and theologian James Alison summarizes the underlying message of Fiducia Supplicans and explains the document’s significance will “open a way forward that will allow LGBT Catholics to be listened to on their own terms while maintaining the unity of the Church.” Read More

Pope Francis Defends Blessing LGBTQ+ Couples—and Everyone; And More News

The debate over Fiducia Supplicans, the Vatican's declaration allowing blessings for couples in "irregular" situations, continues unabated. In posts today and tomorrow, Bondings 2.0 reports on the latest developments. Read More

“Living This Diversity Should Make Us Rejoice!”

In Fiducia Supplicans—and even more so in the pro-LGBTQ+ movements in Germany, Flanders, and elsewhere that brought it about—I see the lived diversity that Pope Francis says “should make us rejoice!” Read More

LGBTQ+ Experience as an Ecclesiological Challenge

Why would Pope Francis send such a mixed message on LGBTQ+ issues? To find an answer, we need to look at LGBTQ+ issues as not only an issue of moral theology or canon law, but also as an issue of ecclesiology. Read More