Vatican’s Ambassador to Germany Criticized for Anti-LGBTQ+ Homily; And More News

For Catholic LGBTQ+ issues, there always seems to be news from German-speaking world, where pro-equality faithful have made tremendous inroads and controversies keep arising. Today's post highlights three news stories in recent months revealing that tension. Read More

Pope Francis Names Two Pastorally-Inclined Cardinals Open to LGBTQ+ Issues

Pope Francis announced a new round of cardinals to be created at a consistory this September, one the new head of the Vatican's doctrinal office who is open to blessing queer couples and the other a Polish archbishop who seems more LGBTQ-positive than his country's episcopate at large. Read More

U.S. Bishops’ Advisory Council Seeks National Guidance on Gender Identity; And More News

Today's post features news about the USCCB's National Advisory Council seeking gender guidance from the bishops, celebration of Dignity/New York's 50th anniversary, and more. Read More

Polish Priest Loses Appeal in Anti-Gay Hate Speech Trial, Ordered to Pay Fines

A hate speech trial against two priests in Germany has ended after one of the priest's appeal failed and fines were issued in exchange for ending the case. Read More

Polish Diocese Apologizes for Inquiring about Abuse Survivor’s Sexual Orientation

Poland's bishops have condemned one diocese's questioning of an abuse survivor's sexual orientation in legal filings. Elsewhere in the country, a court has acquitted fully the artists being tried for their depiction of Mary with a rainbow halo. Read More

Dutch Catholics Issue Letter Supporting Polish LGBTQ Activists Facing Criminal Trial

As three Polish LGBTQ rights activists await trial, prominent Dutch priests, women religious, and lay leaders signed a letter to the public prosecutor calling the charges against the defendants “incomprehensible” and “downright shocking.” Read More

Sanctioning Priest Who Used Anti-Gay Slurs Is Like Nazism, Says Former CDF Head

The former head of the Vatican's doctrinal office has said sanctions against a Polish theologian for using anti-gay slurs are similar to practices used in Nazi Germany. Read More

Court Fines Polish Theologian for Referring to Gay Priests as “Cancerous Growth”

A court in Germany has fined a Catholic theologian in Poland for using derogatory language against gay people in a recent article series, a move that now has diplomatic implications. Read More

Polish Priest Advocates Genital Mutilation, Electric Shocks as Cures for Homosexuality

A priest in Poland taught school children that homosexuality is a mental disorder that can be “cured” with electric shocks and genital mutilation, leading to support from a national politician and criticism from his diocese. Read More

Three Activists Behind Marian Icon with Pro-LGBTQ Imagery Acquitted by Polish Court

Three Polish activists who reimagined and distributed a Marian icon with pro-LGBTQ symbols have been acquitted by a district court in Plock, Poland.  Read More