“The Sorrow in My Heart is Deeper than Ever.”

As I write this reflection, the sorrow in my heart is deeper than ever. I see and hear in the person of Jesus those in the LGBTQIA+ community and especially those transgender and nonbinary persons who have experienced this same betrayal. Read More

Even the Stones Will Cry Out

As Holy Week descends upon us, I think of Jesus’ words in the context of a wave of legislation in the U.S. that is attempting to attack the most vulnerable in our LGBTQ community. Read More

Palm Sunday of Jesus’ Passion: The Suffering Servant

Many LGBTQ people and allies lead lives of hushed fortitude. Their identities remain a secret, and stories of being deserted by family or condemned by religious and secular authorities are all too common. Just like Jesus at his passion. Read More

Hypocrites, Wimps, and Traitors? Maybe. But Another Lesson Provides Hope

Palm Sunday has always been a strange memorial for me.  Read More

Palm Sunday, Pride Parades, and Pandemics

"Jesus rode into Jerusalem with fanfare! People laid down their cloaks for him to ride over and waved branches as he passed, singing 'Hosanna in the highest!' But honestly, with the chaos of COVID-19 I don’t need any more fanfare right now." Read More

Palm Sunday: “Surely This One Was Innocent”

One subtle “expectation” in many churches today is that every child who is baptized will grow up to lead a heteronormative life. When these expectations miscarry and a child later ackowledges an LGBTQ identity, the mood often shifts. Read More

In the Garden of Gethsemane, Praying for Identity

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When Life's Journey Is Not What You Expected It to Be

On the Sundays of Lent, Bondings 2.0 will feature reflections by New Ways Ministry staff... Read More

Palm Sunday: Are We More Like Judas Than We Care to Admit?

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Palm Sunday, Oscar Romero, and LGBT Human Rights in El Salvador

Today is Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week, when we remember Jesus’ suffering and... Read More