Leaders of Germany’s #OutInChurch Negative About Church’s Response, Affirm Gay Religious

A leader of Germany's #OutInChurch initiative has evaluated the church's response in the past two years quite negatively, while one member of the initiative affirmed the presence of gay men in religious life. Elsewhere in the country, a Catholic men's group criticized some of Pope Francis anti-transgender rhetoric.  Read More

LGBTQ+ German Church Workers Write to Pope Francis Seeking Reforms to Catechism

LGBTQ+ church workers in Germany who wrote to Pope Francis proposing evolutions in church teaching have now released their letter publicly after receiving no response. Read More

Diocese Promotes Valentine’s Day Blessings with Photo of Queer Couple Kissing

A German diocese has promoted blessings for couples, including same-gender ones, even posting a photo of two men kissing with the words "Love is everything."  Read More

German Bishops Approve Employment Law Reforms to Protect LGBTQ+ Church Workers

The German bishops have reformed church employment policies to recommend that church workers in same-gender relationships or who are divorced and remarried should not lose their jobs because of personal situations. Read More

German Archdiocese Confirms Transgender Man Can Teach Religious Studies

A German teacher-in-training who recently came out as transgender has received permission to continue teaching religious studies. Read More

#OutInChurch Documentary Tops Viewing States in Germany; And More News

Today's post includes news about the #OutInChurch documentary leading streaming views in Germany and other items. Read More

Nonbinary Delegate to Germany’s Synodal Way Shares Hopes, Concerns About Process

It‘s a special kind of joy to be connected to other queer people in church in this way. For me, the visibility of other trans and nonbinary people especially gives me hope and renews my conviction that I‘m fighting for the right reasons. Read More

Some German Catholics Insist Reform Discussions Include Gender Identity and Polyamory

As Bondings 2.0 readers know well by now, German Catholics continue to lead on LGBTQ equality in the church. Today's post features several updates from the country. Read More

How Did the German Church Become the Leaders of Catholic LGBTQ Equality?

Over the past few years, members of the LGBTQ Catholic community around the globe have been watching how Germany's church leaders, organizations, and laity are leading the way on progressive measures for LGBTQ equality. Inevitably, the question arises: "How is that happening there when in other places we still struggle?" Read More

German Vicars General Call for Immediate Protections for LGBTQ Church Workers

Vicars general from various German dioceses have sent a letter to the country's episcopal conference asking for immediate protections for LGBTQ church workers as labor law reforms are worked out. Read More