Across Canada, LGBTQ+ Advocates Challenge Catholic Schools to Celebrate Pride

The debate over LGBTQ+ issues, particularly how to mark Pride Month, has roiled Canada's publicly-funded Catholic school systems for years. A hallmark of this debate has been votes on whether to fly rainbow flags in June. LGBTQ+ advocates, however, have made steady inroads. With the school year concluding, today's post features four news stories where communities have resisted anti-LGBTQ+ efforts and endorsed Pride. Read More

Official Seeks Ban on Pride Flags in Ontario Catholic Schools

Controversies over whether Catholic schools in Ontario, Canada, can fly Pride flags continue, as do protests by parents, teachers, and LGBTQ+ students. Read More

Ontario Catholic School Board Restricts Student Access to LGBTQ+ Books

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board, in southwest Ontario, recently restricted access to books that portray LGBTQ+ characters, making the texts unavailable to some students. Read More

Canadian Pastor Apologizes for Parish Bulletin Insert Linking Pride Flag to Child Abuse

“We must always make every effort to communicate and treat one another with charity and respect,” wrote Fr. Michael Hughes in a formal statement of apology for allowing the spread of homophobic misinformation in his parish’s bulletin. “I pledge to do so moving forward.” Read More

Catholic School Official Criticizes Trustee’s Comparison of Pride Flags to Nazism

The question of whether or not to fly Pride flags at Canadian Catholic schools this month continues to roil districts. Most recently, a top official in one district has compared the Pride flag to Nazism, while in another the school board voted to not fly the flag at all. Read More

Ontario’s Education Minister Backs Effort to Fly Pride Flags at Province’s Catholic Schools

Ontario's education minister and a leading Canadian newspaper have publicly defended the flying of Pride flags and other supports for LGBTQ+ students in the province's Catholic schools after a heated dispute on the issue last month. Read More

Police Intervene During Canadian Catholic School Board Meeting on LGBTQ+ Support

Tensions escalated at a Catholic school board meeting in Canada over whether the school district would fly a Pride flag this June, which resulted in police being called to the meeting. Read More

Catholic School Community Objects to LGBTQ-Negative Parents’ Outburst at Meeting

Catholic school teachers, administrators, parents, and students in Ontario, Canada, have strongly objected to a group of anti-LGBTQ+ parents who disrupted a school board meeting because some teachers were using “safe space” stickers to demonstrate welcome for LGBTQ+ students.  Read More

Ontario Students Seek End to Anti-2SLGBTQ+ Discrimination in Catholic Schools

Students in Ontario are uniting in action to demand and end to LGBTQ discrimination in Catholic schools by releasing a statement calling for structural reforms in their educational institutions. Read More

Catholic School Board Reverses Decision, Votes to Fly Rainbow Flags During Pride

Catholic schools in one Ontario school district will finally raise rainbow flags this Pride month after a long and contentious debate among the members of the Catholic school district’s board.   Read More