Queer Couple Named Prom Queens at Catholic School Where LGBTQ+ Teachers Once Fired; And More News

Today's post includes news about Catholic schools that have become far more LGBTQ-positive after employment discrimination incidents several years back. Read More

Catholic Faith Prompts Nebraska Legislator to Filibuster Anti-Transgender Legislation

Catholic faith has been motivating Nebraska State Senator Machaela Cavanaugh to block transphobic legislation. “I don't believe God makes mistakes. I believe that transgender children are perfect the way that they are," said Cavanaugh. Read More

Catholic School Faces Complaint After Bisexual Student Dies by Suicide; And More News

Today's post includes news about a Catholic school facing a bullying complaint, a German bishop's positive outreach, and Nebraska bishops' opposition to non-discrimination protections. Read More

In Singapore, Kosovo, and U.S.: Catholic Leaders Voice Opposition to Pro-LGBTQ Laws

Even in a moment when some church leaders express a new openness to LGBTQ equality, many Catholics continue to oppose legislation that would grant LGBTQ equal rights. Today's post features three examples of this opposition. Read More

In North Dakota and Nebraska, Catholic Officials Work Against LGBTQ-Inclusive School Policies

Catholic officials in North Dakota and Nebraska have sought to stop LGBTQ-inclusive policies from being enacted at state-sponsored colleges and universities. Read More

South Dakota Bishops “Praised” New Bill Banning Some Healthcare for Transgender Youth

In several U.S. states where local governments have taken up LGBTQ rights, the Catholic hierarchy is placing itself in opposition to equality. Today's post features three related stories. Read More

NEWS NOTES: Church Official Calls Non-Discrimination Laws a “Sword” Against Equality Opponents; Other News Updates

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Nebraska Bishops Blast Trans Athletics Policy, Promote "At Birth" Proposal

Catholic officials in Nebraska balked at state education officials’ newly approved policy on transgender athletes, and... Read More

Nebraska Bishops Promote Anti-Transgender Policy for High Schools

Nebraska’s Catholic bishops are actively opposing a state education association’s draft policy aimed at protecting transgender... Read More

Nebraska Lesbian Couple's Wedding Announcement Is Nixed by Archdiocese

I am just returned from England, where I participated in several World Pride events.  It’s... Read More