Trans Church Worker Says of LGBTQ+ Catholics: “We’re Here. We’re Not Going Anywhere”

“We’re here, we’re not going anywhere.” This is the message Michael Sennett and his fellow LGBTQ+ parishioners sent with the annual Mass of Belonging held at St. Ignatius of Loyola Church, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. Read More

Member of Boston Archdiocese’s Gender Commission Resigns Over Transparency Concerns

A member of the Archdiocese of Boston's gender identity committee has resigned, citing transparency concerns and the absence of transgender people in the process as her reasons. Read More

Boston Archdiocese’s Process for Writing Transgender Policy Detailed in New Article

Like other dioceses around the U.S., the Archdiocese of Boston is crafting gender identity guidelines for its parishes and schools. The National Catholic Reporter obtained some insight into this typically opaque process in a recent interview with a member of the committee appointed by Cardinal Sean O’Malley. Read More

New Article Examines Role LGBTQ+ Issues Play in Exodus of Catholics from the Church

In a recent article, Don Clemmer explores how understandings of identity, particularly for LGBTQ+ Catholics, play a role in the exodus of people leaving the Catholic Church. Read More

Transgender Catholics’ Pains and Joys Highlighted in New Profile

For transgender Catholics, the church is often a source of both deep pain and profound joy, according to an Associated Press profile of several transgender Catholics in the United States. Read More

Theologians’ Call for Listening Offers Renewed Advent Hope, Writes Transgender Catholic

"Advent has a way of renewing my hope, something I very much need as a Catholic trans man. This year’s saving grace was an article by theologians Michael G. Lawler and Todd A. Salzman." Read More

Catholics Criticize New Archdiocesan Guidelines Against Gender Transition

Catholics and LGBTQ advocates have negatively appraised a new document from the Archdiocese of St. Louis that issues restrictive guidelines on how the church is to engage transgender people. Read More

On Community, Discomfort, and Pride

If I had a quarter for every time someone questioned why I do not leave the Catholic Church, I would have a boatload of money. Being openly transgender and Catholic, folks from nearly every background have quizzed me about why I remain. Read More

In Times of Uncertainty, We Turn to Jesus: The Way, The Truth, The Life

On this Fifth Sunday of Easter, Michael Sennett reflects on how do we answer Jesus’ call to move forward in the storm of COVID-19 and a church that fails to include LGBTQ people if we do not know the way? Read More