Jesus’ Transfiguration: What a Queer Story!

What relevance does the Transfiguration have for all of us as disciples of Christ, here in the second week of Lent, and for us as LGBTQ+ Catholics and allies, in particular? Read More

How Adam and Eve’s Fig Leaves Cover Up the Fall’s Real Meaning

Although intended to hide the sex organs of Adam and Eve, those fig-leaf Fruit-of-the-Looms managed to focus attention on them. The only thing they covered up was the real meaning of the story.  Read More

Sr. Jeannine Gramick: Letters from Pope Francis Are Like “Soothing Hand of a Friend”

As part of a Lenten reflection, Sr. Jeannine Gramick has written about the meaning of Pope Francis' letters to her and to New Ways Ministry, while also providing some insight about her own spiritual life. Read More

New Book Features Way of the Cross Meditation for Solidarity with LGBTQ People

With just under a week until the Triduum begins, today Bondings 2.0 highlights a new LGBTQ-specific resources for reflection in this sacred time. Read More

Eating in the Land of the Living

This year, I ate meat on the first Friday of Lent. Not by accident, like I’d done before. Not justifying it with a technicality (like it was after midnight Friday night when we left the bar, so it was really Saturday). Not feeling out of control, or like I couldn’t stop myself, but on purpose. Purposefully. Read More

For Lent, Take a Journey of Scriptural Reflection for LGBTQ People and Allies

New Ways Ministry invites you on a Lenten journey of spiritual reflection. Read More

A Year into the Covid Crisis, Is Ash Wednesday Really Worth Marking This Year?

"Because the crises we face this Ash Wednesday are many and are intense, today feels less the beginning of a new liturgical season than a waypoint marked in a Lent that never ended last year. Introducing new or intensifying existing spiritual practices strikes me as unnecessary, or, if I am honest, just tiring." Read More

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Times of testing often come with the shame that always brings along a kind of self-hatred. Read More

Come Back to Me

Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent's 40 days, when we try to pay closer attention to God's gifts of  love, mercy, and forgiveness. Read how several Catholic LGBTQ people and Allies have experienced that love and mercy in so many unique ways.  Read More

A Lenten Project to Benefit You–And LGBTQ People and Allies Around the Globe!

This Wednesday, we will begin our Lenten journeys towards the great feast of Easter!  This season of purging and repentance is filled with reassurances of God's everlasting love and mercy.  Catholic LGBTQ people and Allies have experienced that love and mercy in so many unique ways, through so many powerful experiences.  Read More