Top Cardinal Responds to Global Bishops’ Swift Criticism of Blessings Declaration

In Pope Francis' nearly-eleven year tenure, perhaps nothing he has done has prompted so many responses in such a short time as approving blessings for same-gender couples. Within a day or two of the Vatican declaration on blessings, titled Fiducia Supplicans, being released, dozens, if not hundreds, of church leaders and other Catholics spoke out—and strongly. Read More

Synod Member Objects to Kenyan Court’s Pro-LGBTQ+ Ruling

An archbishop who will be a member of the Vatican's upcoming Synod assembly has decried a Kenyan court's ruling that an LGBTQ+ group may gain legal recognition.  Read More

New Report Details Horrors LGBTQ+ Refugees, Including Many Catholics, Face in Kenya

A new article from a Catholic media outlet has highlighted the plight of LGBTQ+ refugees, for whom each day is “difficult and full of challenges." In one refugee camp, a majority of these LGBTQ+ refugees are Catholic.  Read More

Catholic LGBTQ+ Advocates Express Concern Over Bishops in Kenya and Uganda

Global Catholic LGBTQ+ advocates have expressed concern about church leaders' actions in two African countries, which are seemingly at odds with Pope Francis' condemnation of laws that criminalize homosexuality. Read More

Catholic Leaders in Kenya Offer Mixed Responses to Supreme Court’s LGBTQ+ Ruling

Kenyan Catholic leaders have offered mixed reactions to a ruling by their nation's supreme court which upheld the right of LGBTQ+ people to form associations. Read More

Kenyan Bishops Welcome Court Ruling That Keeps Homosexuality Criminalized

Catholic bishops in Kenya have applauded a court ruling that keeps homosexuality criminalized in that nation. Read More

NEWS NOTES: Catholic Universities in Chile Welcome Transgender Students; Director Cites Pope Francis to Defend LGBT Film; And More

A variety of short news items on topics of Catholic LGBTQ interest. Click the links to learn more. Read More

Pope Francis Forgoes LGBT Human Rights During First Visit to Africa

Pope Francis’ visit to Kenya, Uganda, and the Central African Republic concluded yesterday without explicit remarks... Read More

LGBT Africans Ask Pope Francis to Preach Tolerance

LGBT folks in Uganda and Kenya are asking Pope Francis to preach tolerance during his Apostolic Voyage to their nations beginning Wednesday. Read More

In #PopeSpeakOut, Catholics Ask Pope Francis to Save LGBT Lives

in just over one week, Pope Francis will begin an Apostolic Visit to Uganda, Kenya, and Central African Republic where homosexuality is culturally disapproved and, in the first two, is illegal. New Ways Ministry is relaunching our #PopeSpeakOut campaign to encourage the pope to oppose publicly during his trip the criminalization of, discrimination towards, and violence against LGBT communities. Read More