The College of William & Mary Honors Gay Historian John Boswell; And Other News

Today's post features news about The College of William and Mary honoring gay historian John Boswell with a new building dedication and other news items. Read More

A Catholic Blessing for Same-Gender Couples

To help Catholics who want to bless same-sex couples, New Ways Ministry is making available the text of a blessing ceremony that all people--lay, vowed, ordained--can use.  Read More

CATHOLIC LGBT HISTORY: Catholics Meet on Gay Role in Clergy

It seems like you can't open a Catholic periodical or look at a Catholic news website today without the subject of gay priests being discussed somewhere.  But almost 30 years ago, the topic of gay clergy, as well as lesbian sisters and gay religious brothers, was so unique that a day-long conference about these categories of people was the subject of articles in both The New York Times  and The Washington Post. Read More

Book’s Re-Release Inspires Debate on Same-Gender Marriages in Church

John Boswell’s 1994 book, Same-Sex Unions in Premodern Europe, stirred up controversy when it was first released... Read More

Sister Jeannine’s Debate with Bishop Thomas Paprocki on Marriage Equality

At the end of May,  New Ways Ministry’s Co-Founder Sister Jeannine Gramick participated in a... Read More

NEWS NOTES: January 25, 2012

Here are links to some articles you might find of interest: 1) In a Washington... Read More