Gay Survivor of Clergy Abuse Writes Pope Francis “Pulled Me Out of the Grave”

The past week, Bondings 2.0 has marked the tenth anniversary of Pope Francis' election with evaluations of the pope's handling of LGBTQ+ issues, as well as relevant comments Francis made in interviews for the occasion. Today's post concludes that coverage with links to other pieces that may be of interest. Read More

New Books Explore Past, Present, and Future of Catholic LGBTQ+ Ministry

Catholic publishers have released three new books that focus on or include LGBTQ+ issues, highlighting the faithful's demand for more resources on building an inclusive church and equal society. Read More

LGBTQ+ Catholics Fight Homophobic Stigma Surrounding Monkeypox Virus

While health care providers combat the monkeypox virus, LGBTQ+ activists fight the stigma that has arisen from this public health crisis—and Catholics are trying to heal the sick and lessen the stigma, too. Read More

As Pride Month Begins, Reflections on Marriage from a Gay Catholic

Getting married to Damian was an act of faith that has yielded grace upon grace. Read More