Catholic Parents Sue for Right to Mistreat Transgender Child Based on Religious Belief

Once again, Catholics are central in U.S. court cases which could be detrimental to LGBTQ+ people and their rights. Two parents have appealed to the country's Supreme Court to defend what they claim is a right to misgender their transgender child. Read More

Indiana Supreme Court Rules Against Fired Gay Church Worker’s Discrimination Claim

The Indiana Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis’ right to fire a Catholic high school teacher because of his same-gender marriage. Read More

Indianapolis Archdiocese Seeks Dismissal of Gay Church Worker’s Discrimination Lawsuit

The Archdiocese of Indianapolis is appealing to the Indiana Supreme Court to dismiss a discrimination lawsuit brought by a fired gay employee. Read More

Court Dismisses Fired Gay Church Worker’s Discrimination Lawsuit for Unclear Reasons

An Indiana court has dismissed a fired church worker's lawsuit against the archdiocese that pursued his termination over his same-gender marriage, though the reasons for the dismissal are unclear. Meanwhile, the discrimination lawsuits of two fire church workers in that archdiocese have been allowed to proceed. Read More

Second Discrimination Complaint Filed Against Indianapolis Catholic High School

A Catholic high school in Indianapolis is facing its second anti-LGBT discrimination complaint after a fired church worker's filing with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) this month. Read More

NEWS NOTES: July 28, 2014

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A Few Steps Forward, and then Some Back, on Marriage Equality

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ALL ARE WELCOME: At Notre Dame, Does Buying In Equal Selling Out?

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