North African Bishops Break from Peers, Affirm LGBTQ+ Blessings; And More News

Bishops in North Africa have endorsed "Fiducia Supplicans," the Vatican declaration on blessings, breaking from a African bishops' wider statement rejecting the declaration in harsh terms. Today's post features this story and other development in the debate over blessings same-gender couples and others in "irregular" situations. Read More

French Archbishop Will Bless Same-Gender Couples; More Positive Responses

Today's post highlights positive responses from around the world to the Vatican's declaration allowing blessings for same-gender couples. Read More

Kerala’s Bishops Warn Pro-Gay Film Will Lead to “Chaos in Society”

Catholic bishops in a southern state of India are protesting what they claim is the promotion of homosexuality after a new film was released that advocates for LGBTQ+ rights. Read More

Catholic Leaders in India Hail Supreme Court’s Anti-Marriage Equality Ruling

Several Catholic leaders in India have hailed a judicial ruling that the nation's Parliament, not its courts, must decide whether to legalize marriage equality. Read More

A Bright Cloud: A Transfiguration Story from India

Jesus’ transfiguration in the Gospel suggests prodigious potential for change and renewal, much like the kinnar journey - a process of shedding classical expectations of male and female, to embrace an infinitely higher understanding of self. Read More

Catholic Officials in India Back Government’s Opposition to Marriage Equality Legalization

Some Catholic officials in India have affirmed the government's opposition to marriage equality coming from the nation's courts, diverging from several Indiana church leaders' more position stance in recent years. Read More

Catholic Nun’s Accompaniment of Transgender Community Began with a Bus Ride

A Catholic nun in India has a dignified vision for the transgender community that all started on a bus. Read More

LGBTQ Advocate Challenges Indian Bishop’s Condemnation of Homosexuality as “Unnatural”

An Indian LGBTQ advocate has challenged one of the nation's bishops for claiming homosexuality is unnatural and for opposing marriage equality, an issue now pending in India's legal system. Read More

Rector of U.S.’ First Cathedral Calls Drag Story Time “Evil”; Ruth Hunt Joins House of Lords; And More News

Today's post features news briefs on one Catholic priest's harmful comments about drag story hours, a Catholic lesbian's appointment to the U.K.'s House of Lords, and the legacy of LGBTQ advocate Wendell Rodricks, who recently passed away. Read More

Top Feminist Theologian Criticizes India’s New Transgender Law from Catholic Perspective

An op-ed in "Matters India" by Virginia Saldhana, aprominent Catholic lay theologian and former secretary of the Federation of Asian Catholic Bishops' Conferences' Office of Laity, Family, and Women, discusses India’s Transgender Persons Law passed in November. Read More