U.S. Bishops “Gravely Disappointed” with Equality Act, Support Trump’s Anti-Transgender Guideline

The U.S. bishops have continued to cheerlead the Trump administration's war on LGBTQ people, this time decrying the Equality Act's recent passage in Congress and endorsing a new federal anti-transgender guideline. Catholics are again left wondering just how far Church leaders will go in their crusade allegedly to defend religious liberty in which they show little concern for LGBTQ lives. Read More

New #LGBTmercy Campaign Focuses on LGBT Catholics’ Good Works

By Bob Shine, New Ways Ministry, October 2, 2016 LGBT Catholics, their families, and their... Read More

Pope Francis Invited to Visit New York's Homeless LGBT Youth

Following an open letter published in the New York Times last spring, anti-homelessness advocate Carl Siciliano again wrote to Pope Francis on behalf of the LGBT youth for whom he provides care. Read More

Homelessness Advocate Asks Pope Francis to Protect LGBT Youth

The head of the largest shelter i the U.S.  for homeless  LGBT youth has written... Read More

Sacramento Diocese Decision to Withdraw Shelter Funds Begs the Question: Whose Money Is It, Anyway?

A little over a week ago, the Catholic diocese of Sacramento withdrew their funding of ... Read More