Do You Realize What I Have Done For You?

Far too many individuals and groups of people, like LGBTQ+ folks, do not experience church as a place where that foundational Last Supper example that Jesus calls us to follow is practiced. Read More

“The Sorrow in My Heart is Deeper than Ever.”

As I write this reflection, the sorrow in my heart is deeper than ever. I see and hear in the person of Jesus those in the LGBTQIA+ community and especially those transgender and nonbinary persons who have experienced this same betrayal. Read More

Even the Stones Will Cry Out

As Holy Week descends upon us, I think of Jesus’ words in the context of a wave of legislation in the U.S. that is attempting to attack the most vulnerable in our LGBTQ community. Read More

Hypocrites, Wimps, and Traitors? Maybe. But Another Lesson Provides Hope

Palm Sunday has always been a strange memorial for me.  Read More

Holy Saturday: The Reality of Death

Holy Saturday is the day of the tomb.  Jesus died on Good Friday and resurrects... Read More