Being Surprised Out of Our Fears

Here is another lesson from queer and trans people of faith, who remain faithful and hopeful despite disappointments, hurt, and rejection: we know that our God is not asleep, that our God is not indifferent to our suffering and our fear. Read More

There Is No “Other” in the Family of God

The second reading at today’s liturgy reminds me of a coming out journey, like my own and those of others I have walked with. Read More

To Know the Hope that Belongs to God’s Call

And yet, like many LGBTQ+ people, I sometimes doubt the Spirit, especially when the community does not fully accept me or worse, when the community rejects me. Read More

In Peter’s Declaration, We Learn the True Definition of Allyship

What if our allyship and activism were instead unwavering, just like Peter’s belief in Jesus? Read More

The Resurrection’s Lessons for Doing Intersectional LGBTQ+ Ministry

Queer women also deal with a myriad of injustices that only women face. In the case of the ministry mentioned above, located in a country where femicides are commonplace, it's no wonder queer women want to burn it all down. Read More

The Priest Who Made Every Sunday A Pink Sunday

When Henry embodied the radical welcoming and healing acted out by Jesus, and filled an entire church with it, so many were healed of their hurt. Read More

A Long Life in the Land: For Nex Benedict

Nex Benedict, we say your name. We honor your memory. We will never stop fighting for the long life you deserved. Read More

Living on the Margins—Just Like Jesus

Identifying with those on the margins, I don’t need nor want to defend myself. I am much freer here knowing I am blessed everyday walking with Jesus who chose to live on the margins. Read More

“God Doesn’t Want You to Be Miserable.”

What does it mean to have an obligation or purpose to preach the good news? Are we under the same obligation that Paul and Jesus were? Read More

Disrupting the “In Group”

In their view, to be “chosen” means there must be some people who are left out. Full acceptance without discrimination seems to threaten their own inclusion. Read More