Leading Italian Prelate Clarifies Pope Francis Not Opposed to Gay Priests; And More Reactions

A leader for the Italian Episcopal Conference has denied widely-reported claims that Pope Francis believes gay men should be universally denied entry to seminaries. The prelate, who did not directly address the pope's reported use of an anti-gay word, did criticize news reports for taking Francis' words of context. Read More

LGBTQ+ Advocates Celebrate Pope’s Approval of Same-Gender Blessings

On Monday, the Vatican issued a declaration, approved by Pope Francis, that made blessings for same-gender couples possible in the church. In posts this week, Bondings 2.0 will detail various reactions from Catholic LGBTQ+ advocates, secular groups, church leaders, and others. Read More

Pope Francis Tells Global Network of Rainbow Catholics: “Go Forward!”

Pope Francis told international LGBTQ+ advocates yesterday to "go forward," the latest in the pontiff's many positive gestures to queer Catholics during his weekly audiences. Read More

Latin and Caribbean Catholic Groups Ask Pope to Include LGBTQ+ People in Synod

Sixty groups forming Ibero-American Catholic LGBTQ+ network have written to Pope Francis asking for LGBTQ+ people to be directly involved in the Synod assembly next month, rather than merely objects of discussion. Read More

LGBTQ+ Catholics at World Youth Day Mass Undeterred By Right-Wing Protest

A Mass for LGBTQ+ pilgrims at World Youth Day was temporarily disrupted by right wing protests last week. Despite protestors' claims to the contrary, one of the celebrating priests said "the Mass clearly in line with the Holy Father's message." Read More

Global Network of Rainbow Catholics Launches Petition for LGBTQ+ Representation at Synod

Catholic LGBTQ+ advocates worldwide have launched a petition asking the Vatican to include LGBTQ+ people and their families as participants in the upcoming assembly for the Synod on Synodality. Read More

Catholics Decry Ugandan Bishops’ Tacit Support for Anti-LGBTQ+ Law

Catholic LGBTQ+ leaders have continued calls for Uganda's bishops to condemn legislation passed earlier this year that further criminalizes LGBTQ+ people. One U.S. bishop, however, has defended the new law. Read More

Catholic LGBTQ+ Advocates Express Concern Over Bishops in Kenya and Uganda

Global Catholic LGBTQ+ advocates have expressed concern about church leaders' actions in two African countries, which are seemingly at odds with Pope Francis' condemnation of laws that criminalize homosexuality. Read More

Ugandan Bishop Uses Ash Wednesday Liturgy to Condemn Homosexuality

A Ugandan bishop used a liturgy for Ash Wednesday to condemn homosexuality, coming just weeks after Pope Francis' denunciation of criminalization laws that remain in effect in that country. Read More

Catholic LGBTQ+ Advocates Welcome Pope Francis’ Denouncement of Criminalization Laws

Catholic LGBTQ+ advocates largely have welcomed Pope Francis' denouncement of laws that criminalize being LGBTQ+. Today's post features a first set of these reactions. Read More