U.S. Priests Group Defends Gay Clergy, Seeks Dialogue with Bishops

A reform-oriented priests' group approved a statement of support for gay clergy at its assembly earlier this year, and ask the U.S. bishops to do likewise for such men. Read More

In Italy, Gay Priests Come Out via Letter Decrying Homophobia in the Church; And More News

When Bondings 2.0 first began in 2011, the hope was to find enough content to post once a day. Twelve years later, we consistently find ourselves with too much Catholic LGBTQ+ content! We have stuck to one post per day as a rule, but that at times means some news gets lost and never make it onto the blog. Today's post is a form of our "News Notes" series that features two of these older stories, which are still relevant and worth reading. Read More

Conservative Catholic Group Spent $4 Million Seeking to Forcibly Out Gay Priests

A report from The Washington Post has revealed that a conservative Catholic group invested millions of dollars to potentially out gay priests based on their personal data. Read More

77% of U.S. Catholics Support Communion for LGBTQ+ People, Reports New Survey

A new survey shows that most lay Catholics in the U.S. disagree with conservative bishops on disputed issues, including abortion rights, politicians receiving Communion, and the inclusion of LGBTQ+ people. Read More

Polish Priest Loses Appeal in Anti-Gay Hate Speech Trial, Ordered to Pay Fines

A hate speech trial against two priests in Germany has ended after one of the priest's appeal failed and fines were issued in exchange for ending the case. Read More

New Biography Details Life and Witness of Gay Franciscan Priest, Fr. Mychal Judge

A new biography of Fr. Mychal Judge, the gay Franciscan priest known as the "Saint of 9/11," has been released. Read More

Priests Says Secrecy About Homosexuality in the Priesthood Is a “Slow-Moving Cancer”

The story of gay men in the Catholic priesthood received national attention earlier this summer in a segment on CBS' Sunday Morning, in particular the stories of Fr. Greg Greiten and an anonymous priest who called the culture of secrecy a "slow-moving cancer." Read More

Member of Commission on Women Deacons Defends Priest Who Used Anti-Gay Slurs

A member of Pope Francis' commission on women deacons has come to the defense of a theologian who used slurs against gay priests and was then fined by a German court for hate speech. This defense comes as tensions over the court case heat up. Read More

The Saga of Msgr. Jeffrey Burrill Is Not a Scandal. It’s a Tragedy.

Rather than a scandal, this saga involving Msgr. Jeffrey Burrill is a tragedy. And the tragic element of it is not being addressed. Read More

Article from Brazil Reveals How Repressing Gay Priests Harms the Whole Church

Today’s post will look at the toll repression of gay priests takes on the whole church. Read More