Fired Gay Church Worker’s Lawsuit to Be Heard by U.S. Court of Appeals’ Fourth Circuit

A Catholic school teacher fired due to his same-gender marriage will have his discrimination lawsuit heard by a U.S. Court of Appeals soon. Read More

Fired Gay Church Worker Writes on Turning the Other Cheek in a Synodal Church

Turning the other cheek meant letting go and finding solace in my powerlessness. In this way, Jesus’ liberating hand frees me from my instinct to fight back, to flee to false securities, or to freeze in negative feelings. Read More

Fired Lesbian Church Worker Says Archdiocese “Weaponized” Her Faith Against Her

A Colorado elementary school teacher fired by the Archdiocese of Denver for being in a same-gender relationship has said that she feels the church “weaponized” her faith against her. Read More

Ecumenical Group Files Amicus Brief Supporting Fired Gay Church Worker’s Lawsuit

A group of Protestant churches in North Carolina has filed an amicus brief supporting a gay plaintiff’s Title VII claim against the Catholic school that fired him in 2014, according to Law360. Read More

District Court Rules Against Fired Church Worker Shelly Fitzgerald in Discrimination Case

A federal court has ruled for Archdiocese of Indianapolis and one of its Catholic high schools in a lawsuit filed by Shelly Fitzgerald, a former guidance counselor whose contract was not renewed because of her same-gender marriage. Read More

Indiana Supreme Court Rules Against Fired Gay Church Worker’s Discrimination Claim

The Indiana Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis’ right to fire a Catholic high school teacher because of his same-gender marriage. Read More

U.S. Court Finds Catholic Relief Services Discriminated Against LGBTQ+ Employee

A U.S. judge has ruled that Catholic Relief Services (CRS), the U.S. bishops' international humanitarian agency, violated multiple laws when the organization discriminated against an employee in a same-gender marriage by withholding health insurance from his husband. Read More

Franciscan Healthcare System to Deny Fertility Treatments to Most LGBTQ+ Employees

A hospital system run by the Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis in Illinois will begin covering fertility treatments in their employees’ health plans only to people in heterosexual marriages. Read More

Gay Catholic School Teacher Resigns After Students Forcibly Out Him on TikTok

High school students in Australia have forced a Catholic teacher to resign after forcibly outing him as gay via TikTok. Read More

After 15 Year Struggle, Fired Lesbian Church Worker Wins Legal Battle

A lesbian church worker fired because of her sexual orientation has won her legal battle after a 15 years ago struggle. Read More