Knowing the Divine in the Trinity and Queer Time

I think this “neither here nor there,” non-linear approach to time has important meanings for how we are to live as Catholics, and I think that Queer Catholics are particularly knowledgeable of this way of living. Read More

Encountering Hope in the Story of Emmaus

As I read and prayed over today’s gospel reading, the Road to Emmaus story, thinking about the church’s relationship with the LGBTQ+ community, the word that came to me was “encounter.” Read More

Real Life, In Person, Up Close, In the Flesh

I can’t help but wonder that a big reason that Pope Francis has been so LGBTQ-friendly is because of his deep friendships with two gay men, Yayo Grassi and Juan Carlos Cruz. Read More

Easter: God’s Glory Is Not Ego, But the Other

An Easter message from Pope Francis. Read More

Come and Drink the Water of Life

As another summer rolls around, a cool drink sounds good, but what else are we thirsty for, particularly as queer people? Read More

Leading the Church Beyond Toleration to the Celebration of LGBTQ Holiness

s LGBT Catholics and allies it is hard sometimes to believe that one day we might get to the point as a society and as a Church where the lives and journeys of LGBT persons are not only tolerated, but celebrated! Read More

Whither Our Easter Joy?

This week, as with the many weeks of our lives, the Gospel invites us to identify with the disciples as they learn from Jesus. But this week things are very different. Jesus is saying goodbye.  Read More

In Times of Uncertainty, We Turn to Jesus: The Way, The Truth, The Life

On this Fifth Sunday of Easter, Michael Sennett reflects on how do we answer Jesus’ call to move forward in the storm of COVID-19 and a church that fails to include LGBTQ people if we do not know the way? Read More