The Resurrection’s Lessons for Doing Intersectional LGBTQ+ Ministry

Queer women also deal with a myriad of injustices that only women face. In the case of the ministry mentioned above, located in a country where femicides are commonplace, it's no wonder queer women want to burn it all down. Read More

What If Queer Chosen Families Are Cornerstones for God’s Kin-dom?

What if God is inviting us to build something much more wonderful: an interdependent kin-dom in which all of our gifts are used, and all of our needs are met? Read More

Knowing the Divine in the Trinity and Queer Time

I think this “neither here nor there,” non-linear approach to time has important meanings for how we are to live as Catholics, and I think that Queer Catholics are particularly knowledgeable of this way of living. Read More

Encountering Hope in the Story of Emmaus

As I read and prayed over today’s gospel reading, the Road to Emmaus story, thinking about the church’s relationship with the LGBTQ+ community, the word that came to me was “encounter.” Read More

Real Life, In Person, Up Close, In the Flesh

I can’t help but wonder that a big reason that Pope Francis has been so LGBTQ-friendly is because of his deep friendships with two gay men, Yayo Grassi and Juan Carlos Cruz. Read More

Easter: God’s Glory Is Not Ego, But the Other

An Easter message from Pope Francis. Read More

Come and Drink the Water of Life

As another summer rolls around, a cool drink sounds good, but what else are we thirsty for, particularly as queer people? Read More

Leading the Church Beyond Toleration to the Celebration of LGBTQ Holiness

s LGBT Catholics and allies it is hard sometimes to believe that one day we might get to the point as a society and as a Church where the lives and journeys of LGBT persons are not only tolerated, but celebrated! Read More