A Synodal Church Must Abandon Colonizing Ideas of Gender and Sexuality, Writes Gay Catholic

So many of the conversations about and hopes for the Synod on Synodality's global assembly in Rome this October have focused on what will be gained as the Catholic Church becomes more of a synodal institution. But one gay Catholic points out that if the church wants to move towards Pope Francis’ synodal vision, it will have to also let go of some longheld ideas. Read More

LGBTQ+ Advocates Offer Decolonizing Criticism of Archbishop’s Queerphobic Letter

LGBTQ+ advocates have strongly criticized a Zambian archbishop's queerphobic letter in which he claimed government leaders were not sufficiently enforcing criminalization laws, a criticism the advocates rooted in decolonization. Read More

Reconciling the Church’s “Colonizing Mentality” Towards LGBTQ+ People

As a gay Catholic, I see Pope Francis' approach to addressing the residential schools as a model for how the church might one day reconcile with LGBTQ+ Catholics who have been harmed and excluded. Read More