New Investigation Reveals Anti-LGBTQ+ Groups Influence on Diocesan Gender Policies

An extensive report by the National Catholic Reporter details how two anti-transgender groups have been building influence and shaping diocesan policies for several years, especially those written for Catholic schools.  Read More

LGBTQ+ Youth “Deserve So Much Better” from Church, Writes Catholic Sister

Sr. Christine Schenk, CSJ, is currently grieving the loss of freedom for many LGBTQ+ students in Ohio. Read More

LGBTQ+ Advocates Celebrate New Pastoral Accompaniment Guidelines 

LGBTQ+ Catholics and supporters are celebrating a new set of guidelines that aims to treat LGBTQ+ individuals with “welcome, love, and respect.”  Read More

Portland Archdiocese Describes Gender Affirming Care as “Totalitarian” in New Policy

The Archdiocese of Portland has become the latest U.S. diocese to issue a trans-negative policy on gender issues, which describes gender affirming care as a "totalitarian program that only causes more suffering and lasting damage." Read More

This Is an Issue of Life and Death

Plain and simple: this is an issue of life and death. Read More

Across U.S., Catholic Educators Criticize Wave of Diocesan Anti-Transgender Policies

Catholic educators are saving lives as they build communities of welcome for LGBTQ+ students despite some dioceses' attempts to enact transgender-exclusionary policies.  Read More

The Words LGBTQ+ Students Need to Hear: Reflections from a Theology Teacher

Want to know what my hope is for this school year? It’s that students in our Catholic schools and parishes start hearing a different word. Read More