Pope Francis Names Two Pastorally-Inclined Cardinals Open to LGBTQ+ Issues

Pope Francis announced a new round of cardinals to be created at a consistory this September, one the new head of the Vatican's doctrinal office who is open to blessing queer couples and the other a Polish archbishop who seems more LGBTQ-positive than his country's episcopate at large. Read More

New Ways Ministry Praises Three of Pope Francis’ Cardinal Choices

The following is a statement from Francis DeBernardo, New Ways Ministry’s Executive Director, in response to Pope Francis naming 13 new cardinals to be created in a November 28, 2020 consistory. Read More

Will New Cardinals Lead to LGBTQ Issues Being Downplayed in Church?

With Pope Francis' appointment of more cardinals from the Global South, are LGBTQ issues set to be downplayed in the church? Read More

LGBTQ-Positive Clerics Among Pope Francis’ List to Create New Cardinals

At least two bishops who previously made LGBTQ-positive comments have been named to the list of clergy that Pope Francis will create as cardinals next month. Read More

Group Investigating Cardinals Says Rumors of Homosexuality Will Be “Noted Very Carefully”

A rightwing Catholic group has announced its intention to investigate Catholic cardinals ahead of the next papal conclave, saying it will be "noted very carefully" in reports if a cardinal is considered to be gay. Read More

Pope Francis' Homily to New Cardinals Echoes Themes Dear to LGBT People

While Pope Francis may not have spoken about LGBT themes in his Sunday homily to... Read More