Catholic Schools Week: Paving a Queer Way Forward for Ministerial Work

Already, each of us paved our own separate ways through exclusionary sentiments and doctrine in the Church to get to that room.  Read More

Catholic Schools Week: The Arc Is Indeed Long

My own experience with Catholic high schools – an arc of more than forty years – confirms that the direction is indeed towards justice, but that we need to keep working to make the arc bend that way. Read More

Catholic Schools Are Called to Form a Culture of LGBTQ Participation

Catholic leaders need to move beyond using doctrine as a cover for bigotry and imagine new ways that our tradition might inspire schools to treat LGBTQ members with dignity. The principle of “participation” from Catholic social teaching can be particularly helpful, and Catholic Schools Week provides an appropriate time to reflect on it. Read More

For Catholic Schools Week, Proposing a Simple Change that Could Save Transgender Lives

In 2019, Catholic educators should consider one simple step which could make a great impact in the safety and flourishing of transgender/gender non-conforming students. Read More