LGBTQ+ German Church Workers Write to Pope Francis Seeking Reforms to Catechism

LGBTQ+ church workers in Germany who wrote to Pope Francis proposing evolutions in church teaching have now released their letter publicly after receiving no response. Read More

Pope Francis Must “Embrace Conversion” for Full LGBTQ+ Equality, Writes Gay Catholic

In a piece for the National Catholic Reporter, a young gay Catholic has argued that although LGBTQ+ Catholics have received support from Pope Francis, the pontiff must be more radical to heal this harmed community. Read More

Paris Archbishop: Teachings on Homosexuality “Reflected an Era,” Need Review

Paris' new archbishop recently gave an interview in which he acknowledged the church needed to reconsider its teachings on homosexuality, and pointed the way forward on how it may happen. Read More

Korean Translation of Book Highlights Difficulties of Church Language on LGBTQ Issues

"Building a Bridge" by Jesuit Fr. James Martin has been translated into Korean, making it the first book for LGBTQ Catholics in Korea. Read More

Critics Allege Parent Used Homophobic Language at Catholic School Board Meeting

There are new developments in an incident in which comments made at a Catholic school board meeting  in Canada were homophobic, as the Archdiocese of Toronto has now weighed in on the the matter, claiming that the comments were in alignment with church teaching. Read More

Pope Francis Offers Respect for Gay Priests, Signaling a New Papal Direction

In what is probably his most gay-friendly statement to date, Pope Francis said that he... Read More

Maine Catholics Urge Others to Vote Their Consciences on Marriage Equality Referendum

As we come into the final week before Election Day, Catholics in Maine are becoming... Read More

Emmy Winner 'Modern Family' Leads the Way in Catholic Values

ABC’s comedy series, Modern Family, won four Emmy Awards last night:  best comedy series, best director... Read More

Bishop Cupich's Message of Compassion Should Become a Message of Justice

In his blog on the National Catholic Reporter  website, Michael Sean Winters rightly praises Spokane’s Bishop... Read More